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Day 24: Yosemite National Park aka I hate long bus rides

We woke up super early today to go on our Yosemite National Park tour. We got picked up at 6:50am from our hostel and once again, I passed out until we finished picking everyone else up, we booked the tour with Viator for $135 per person, but we ended up with an Extranomical Tour. The bus ride was 5-6 hours with 1-2 stops, we saw Sequoia trees, they are AWESOME, the oldest living things on earth, it’s as thick as a building, and so tall! We took photos with it and then went off to Yosemite Valley, the place is SO beautiful, you feel like you’re in a picture, you never see things like that in Sydney! We also saw the Yosemite Falls and had an ice cream Sunday. Most of the day was pretty much spent on a bus and sleeping… so nothing much to report today.

When we got home I watched a Ben Stiller movie and a Will Ferrell movie! I am slowly but surely getting through these movies. I think I passed out pretty quickly, it was a tiring day, bus rides are no fun, I think we spent around 12-14 hours on a bus today, we got picked up first and dropped off last, UNFAIR.

Taken with Instagram

Look mum, I’m in a postcard!!


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