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Day 19: Disney World

The plan was to go to Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom today. We were meant to catch the 8:15am bus and come home at 10:30pm. We woke up at 7:00am and decided that we would much rather catch the 11:15am bus.

I will say this now; we managed to go to not 2, but 3 Disney theme parks in one day! I also have a shorts tan from walking in the sun so much.

Hollywood Studios

There aren’t many fun rides here for adults; we were only here for the TWILIGHT ZONE: TOWER OF TERROR ride, it is actually different to the one in Japan – this one is better, it’s so good that we went on it TWICE! It’s the summer holidays in the states, so there were heaps of little kids everywhere, which resulted in the wait time for the Tower of Terror being like 10-20min, since the kids would always go to kiddy rides. Luck was on our side. I highly highly highly recommend going on this ride, twice.

We also went into a Disney Animation show, which was really cool (to me at least), we got to watch how Mushu, the dragon from Mulan, was animated and concept art for the characters from the new Disney movie BRAVE. We also got to see a lot of concept art for the castles, forests and cities used in Disney movies – all were so amazing and make me wish I was better at drawing/painting/illustration, it’s really something magical!

We then watched Beauty and the Beast on stage, this lasted for about 25min, they sang a few songs and danced and it was pretty entertaining – Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie!

There wasn’t much left to do that interested us, so we took a ‘friendship boat’ to EPCOT, this took roughly 25min and we were sweating bullets, it was nice to be on a lake and see the different hotels though.


EPCOT is a theme park centred on different countries from around the globe; they have certain areas that are modelled completely after a country. There is also a ‘futuristic’ area where they delve into technology/space/stuff but we were too lazy, so didn’t go. It doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as the other parks, but it is worth going to, every country area is made super realistic and they only employ people from that country to work there – e.g. in Japan, only Japanese people were working for it to be more authentic, it was amazing, I felt like I was in Japan again because there was a Mitsukoshi there and pretty Japanese buildings!

Anna and I finished EPCOT in 45 minutes because we only explored the countries that interested us (not many), it was also hot as hell and we wanted to get to Magic Kingdom; we took a monorail to the transportation area, and then another monorail to Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is where the beautiful Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle is, it’s gorgeous and I take photos with it in the background every single time I go to a Disneyland, I really had to resist the urge not to buy another set of Minnie Mouse ears, I already have 2, from my 2 separate trips to Japan. Le sigh. I am happy to report that I walked out of Disneyland with nothing 😀

We only went here for SPACE MOUNTAIN (we went on it twice too), the first wait was 50minutes, but before we went on it, we went and got a fast pass. Everyone needs to get their fast passes for their rides – saves you so much time.

Next we went to Haunted Mansion, which was a nice tour sort of ride through a haunted house; it’s really similar to the Nightmare before Christmas ride in Universal Studios Japan. We also wanted  to go to Splash Mountain, but the line was 70minutes and we had a bus to catch home in like 50min.

We decided to go to Pirates of the Caribbean, no, I decided to, because I always like to go to it. It’s a 5-10 minute boat ride around caves and pirate areas, it’s really quite cool, and you see a Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow lookalike here and there. Oh, forgot to mention that the machine malfunctioned halfway through the ride, we bumped into the boat in front of us and both Anna and I were thinking “HMMMM SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT”, the boat stopped and then 5 minutes later,we were still sitting there… with about 5-6 boats behind us. Then the voice-over comes telling us that there has been a malfunction and that the ride will be re-booted and it should start shortly, we were stuck for about 15 minutes. Well, we did need a place that had seating and was air-conned, we got our wish I guess. We managed to learn the Pirate song from that little trip, it was playing over and over and over, if I hear that song again, my head will explode… Ho ho ho ho, the pirate song for me… *mumble mumble*

So there we have it, 3 theme parks in one day for $138! We also managed to slide in a little adventure at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!


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