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Day 26: Las Vegas, Baby!

Ahh, the plane ride I was looking forward to the most – VIRGIN AMERICA, they definitely did not disappoint, I’d fly with them EVERYWHERE domestically if I could, they have TV’s for every seat, NO OTHER AIRLINE HAS THAT! Their plane interiors look like spaceships and the flight attendants are really nice. It was sadly only a 1.5 hour ride, I was AWAKE FOR ALL OF IT FOR ONCE! I think? I may have dozed off for 15 minutes… lol. Likely.

Las Vegas airports has pokies and slot machines EVERYWHERE! We also spotted some super tall African American guys and immediately assumed they were basketballers, we tried to see where they were from to no avail. We caught a cab from the airport to the Paris Hotel, LET ME TELL YOU NOW… the cab fare should not be > $20 (incl tip) if going to a hotel near the Bellagio or Caesar’s Palace if there is no traffic, we got ripped off, think the cab driver took a different route, bastard. We ended up paying like $30 with tips, I forgot his Cab Driver ID, I actually took the effort to try to write it down, yeah, genius Karen, you have a pen in your bag all the time and paper, why didn’t you write it down?

Ate at the Bellagio Cafe because the buffet line was so so so ridiculously long, I had a Spag Bol and Anna had an Angus Beef Burger I think. We also ordered a banana cream pie and a raspberry chocolate layer cake. NOM NOM. We quickly rushed back to go get in line for our show, we managed to book a show to a raunchy hypnotist called Anthony Cools, we bought the general admission tickets and got a free upgrade to the front row – BOOYA!

The highlights/summary of the show:

  • Audience members volunteered to go up, 6 people from the audience were left – 3 men and 3 women.
  • A pretty girl was hypnotised to forget her name, she looked so concerned whenever someone asked her for her name and she didn’t remember, Anthony Cools made her sing Happy birthday to everyone every time she wanted to remember her name.
  • A girl was hypnotised to think that her coochie was talking to her every time someone said her name and screaming really personal things to the audience, she kept telling it to shut up.
  • Whenever a guy heard the song ‘Ring of Fire’, his bumhole would BURN, and the only way to ease it would be to rub his bum on the floor.
  • Whenever a guy’s name was said (Joseph), he would have a boner and try to suppress it – he kept fiddling with his pants and smiling cheesily.
  • Everyone on stage was hypnotised to think that someone farted and that it was foul.
  • Everyone on stage was hypnotised to think that they were naked, auditioning for a pornographic film that they really wanted, and then they had to perform their best sex moves on a chair that to them, would be the most gorgeous person they were filming with. This was highly disturbing, a nice Asian girl gave head to the chair, an old man gave head to a chair, the pretty girl was … well, having sex with the chair and forgetting her name when asked about it.
  • Everyone on stage switched sexes, the guys ended up giving a bottle a blow job.
  • Everyone received the most mind blowing orgasms once Anthony Cools shook their hands, the Asian girl squeezed his hand so tight that it went really really red and he looked like he was in some pain. The pretty girl was going crazy and he asked her for her name and she screamed “I DON’T FUCKING KNOW” while orgasming. The ring of fire guy was rubbing his bum on the floor while orgasming, his shoe flew off… it was funny.

All in all, a very entertaining show! Everyone should go watch it and maybe if you’re game, volunteer! Though I really don’t think anyone would want video evidence of all the above floating around – every show is filmed.

We are going to the Grand Canyon tomorrow! DREADDDDDDDDD… after Yosemite, I never want to sit on a bus ever again.



Signing out!


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