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Day 23: Lombard + Don Pistos

Short blog post today, just chilled out and rested. I didn’t have a hangover, thank goodness! Calzone’s was the first destination for lunch, Italian for us! I had Angel Hair Pasta with tomato and garlic and Anna had a Salmon Pizza, I also ordered raspberry lemonade! I LOVE lemonade here, I order it at every opportunity. We went to Lombard St to see the winding roads, that walk was a crazy trek, uphill walks are so incredibly painful, we only walked uphill on one street, like a small part of Lombard, and I was like … sadface. Lombard St is really cool and super pretty, it’s always mega packed with tourists standing in the middle of the road taking pictures… lots of cars drive through these roads too, they must hate us.

We were pretty lazy from the day before so we decided to go watch The Amazing Spiderman, some quick googling told us that there was a showing in 30 minutes, so we took a cab from Lombard to the AMC Theatre at Van Ness, OUR FIRST MOVIE IN THE STATES! Woo… the movie was pretty good, I enjoyed it! Drinks are SO SO SO expensive at the cinemas.

We walked home from the Cinema, it was a 25-30 minute walk home and we walked through some strange neighbourhood where Anna and I kept giving each other funny looks until one of us went “Is it me or is this area strangely … empty?” we agreed, and I just started power walking until we got to Union Square. Harrowing experiences all around!

I had been googling good restaurants around the area and really wanted to try Don Pistos, Anna wasn’t even hungry and ended up eating quite a bit because the food was so delicious! A must try! It has a wooden door and if you didn’t already know about the place, you’d have a lot of trouble finding it, they give you Chips and a delicious Salsa to start with (replacing sourdough bread in other restaurants), that was so so addictive, we ended up finishing the entire bowl. I ordered a Sangria (slowly starting to get into red wines, though it doesn’t count, does it?), that hit me pretty quickly, I’m a cheap drunk and American drinks are kinda strong. We ordered a Mexican style Salmon Sashimi (delicious!), Tacos and a Hamburger thing, delicious delicious! Everything was super tasty, the vibe was awesome, though I could hear shit all because it was so loud, so probably not a good date area. The place is highly recommended.


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Day 21: San Francisco + Yum Cha

Ahhh finally left the hole that is Orlando today, that place seriously has nothing, I like my cities like… well, cities! So it is with tremendous excitement that we have finally arrived to San Francisco! I have been told that I will love this place, and I really do, it’s such a chilled out city, reminds me of Melbourne.

We flew with AirTran, which isn’t too bad. I passed out before the plane even took off and woke up mid way through; I have a habit of sleeping through all my plane rides.

We are staying at the Green Tortoise Hostel here, SUPER CUTE HOSTEL, about $35 per person per night, it’s located in North Beach (near China Town, Little Italy, sort of near Union Square). Though the stares were a super bitch to get up, you need to walk up a flight of stairs to check in, I wanted to cry. Lucky the Hostel staff helped us when they saw two little asian girls struggling with their 22kg bags. Ahh, the life of a weak person, Anna did okay, she has guns. I will be first to admit I will let the men do the heavy lifting as soon as I can, so we checked in and got put up onto the floor above (HAHAH MORE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS), thank goodness the staff helped us out.

We had a super late lunch in some random Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, oh my, we did not realise how badly we missed Chinese food until that moment. We had yum cha and I swear to you I was THIS close to tears.

Next we headed to Union Square and had a stroll around, I’m kind of not allowed to shop until Los Angeles, my luggage is full as anything in the world and I want to buy a new Samsonite in LA to store new goodies. We also went to San Francisco Westfields.

The rest of our night was filled with eating more Chinese food (at New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant – they are so stupid, SUN in Cantonese means New, they are essentially saying NEW NEW HONG KONG RESTAURANT) and watching Zoolander on our TV  – Anna had wonton noodles and I had Thousand Year Old Egg Congee with those fried bread stick things, heaven! Some guy was super drunk and vomited and it stunk up the place.


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Day 1: A summary of a journey

I lied. This is probably not going to be a summary. I finally have access to wifi.. While I’m on an American Airlines plane flying from Dallas to New York! It cost me $8, but I think it’s worth it, that $8 will be the difference between me going mad and staying sane.

Let me start off with saying that we did NOT get to sit together on the flight from SYD-DFW, a 15 hour flight!! Stupid qantas, I hate you!! I will fly Virgin Australia forever from this moment on, $200 price difference and all!! Oh!! And now on this flight we are split up again!!

The flight was nasty – the longest I’ve ever been on, I started avoiding looking at the count down because it was just plain depressing. I ended up watching Big Miracle and Forrest Gump! I know, finallyyyyy… And I loved them both! I also read the Steve jobs book for a while, I am determined to finish it on this trip, it’s so good!

I ate an extremely tasty vanilla rice pudding with fig and honey, a delicious flapjack (never had one!!), icecream… And other delightful snacks… So qantas didn’t completely fail… I guess.

We finally arrived at DFW at around 1:40pm! Had to go through customs and we were still in line at 2:50pm… Our plane was boarding at 2:40pm! They let us through first and we had to transfer our luggage and change terminals and sign the customs form… It was a huge nuisance. Seriously America, why do you need to make people do so many things and go through immigration when you’re travelling between states??!? IT WAS A CONNECTING FLIGHT!!! We made a mad dash to terminal C… Found out our plane was delayed by 50 minute (it ended up being delayed for like 1 hr 15 min)… And MADE IT! Thank you American airlines for your tardiness! So here I am… On the plane…. With a man invading my personal space occasionally with his arm on my side of the chair… And his legs in my area….

/end rant.

So, I’m kinda excited to see times square tonight! I cannot wait for a shower!! We’re going soho tomorrow and Woodbury common outlets the day after and I think I need more money :X

Oh. Anna’s thong also broke at DFW!


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