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Day 35: Driving in LA, The Grove & Beverly Centre

Day 35: Driving in LA, The Grove & Beverly Centre

We woke up relatively late today (10:00am!!!), sat around in our rooms for a while before catching a bus to Hertz on Wilshire Boulevard. Yes, we caught a bus. The buses here seem to only go down one straight road, so if you want to go somewhere… not on that road, you have to catch another bus, each bus ride is $1.50, you can get a daily pass for $5, and other weekly and monthly passes too, but these had nothing to do with me so I did not look at the prices. We managed to make it to Hertz, thanks to Anna’s superb sense of direction, if it was up to me, we’d end up in San Diego again… we were meant to get the cheapest, smallest car possible for about $240 for 11 days, but they ran out of those cars and we ended up getting a super cute red Volkswagen Jetta! They just got it in March 2012 too, so it smelled brand new and I was a happy child, so was Anna! We ended up getting insurance for like $180 for the 11 days in case we ran into anyone; we are driving on the WRONG side of the road, after all.

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After we collected our car, we had to do a 3 point turn and get back onto Wilshire Boulevard to head to the Grove mall, the Grove is an outdoor mall that’s meant to be awesome, it’s actually straight down Beverly Boulevard. Anna signalled out of our parked spot on the street and we drove about 10m before having a panic attack and pulling over on the side of the road, driving on the right is NOT normal, the steering wheel is on the left and the signalling lights are on the left and the windscreen wiper is on the right, so Anna kept hitting the windscreen wipers when she was trying to signal, we were both scared. I seemed to be freaking out a lot more, which is silly, because Anna was the one driving. She was pretty fantastic though, she got used to the roads very quickly and we made it to the Grove alive. Happy days.  The fact that I am blogging about this = the rest of our drive was okay too. The Grove was okay, the toilets were pretty, they had Zara there, MAC, Crate & Barrel, and an assortment of other stores, they also had the Farmers Market next door which we decided to skip. It was pretty underwhelming to be very honest, so we decided to go to The Beverly Centre to pick up our GoLA passes. The GoLA pass is a pass that lets you go into unlimited attractions over a certain number of days, we bought the 5 day pass for $204, you can use it 5 non-consecutive days over a 14 day period, how cool is that? Its first use is going to be at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

The Beverly Centre is a short drive from The Grove, in fact, I think it’s just down 3rd St! We parked, and took a while before we found the actual stores, we browsed around but also failed again with buying anything…. WHY??? WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE THINGS FOR ME TO BUY? From memory, they had the following stores:

  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdales
  • Samsonite
  • Godiva
  • Forever21
  • H&M
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Steve Madden
  • I just realised I can google this.

Going home with no shopping bags when you intended to shop your little heart out… is a huge disappointment. Especially when this is the last leg of the trip.

We had dinner at Xiomara on Melrose, $45 per person courtesy of DineLA Restaurant Week, I can’t even remember the cuisine… For the Entree, I had Pork Belly and Anna had some mushroom thing, for the main, I had Salmon and Anna had a Spaghetti Bolognese sort of thing, and we both had a cake soaked in coffee with a caramel ice-cream for dessert.





 OH! We went to a Laundromat too!!! It’s like 2minutes away from our house and it costs like $3.50 to wash and dry your clothes yourself, but takes like 2 hours, we sat there and just watched our clothes get washed and washed it get tumble dried. Bleh. One experience is enough.


That was pretty much all of our day, we didn’t do much. Tomorrow is Six Flags. I hope I don’t pass out on a ride from fear.


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Insurance Dramas

Just 14 working days left before I go on leave for 7 WEEKS! Excitement! How am I going to be able to work after coming back!??!?! I will let future Karen worry about that.

I’ve been meaning to sort out my insurance with Travel Insurance Direct (TID) for the longest of time (I bought insurance in October 2011), I mentioned in my previous posts that I stupidly forgot to cover the last 2 days of my trip (smart, I know. S-M-R-T), well, I’ve finally called TID to amend this little error, and to my surprise they don’t let me extend my policy as they are now underwritten by Lloyds and not Allianz – which is what my policy is under. My entire policy costs $270 to cover 41 or so days and this includes covering my DSLR + my expensive lens… to cover an additional 2 days, I need to purchase a completely new policy from TID for $35 🙂 HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? That’s 12% of the cost for 4.8% of the time. THAT SUCKS. IT SUCKS TID, IT SUCKS. I know I should have called you earlier to fix it, but gosh, I should not be punished for you changing your underwriters!!! To cover my SLR as well, I need to cough up $55 😀 So it’s actually 20% of the cost 😀 WHADDUP. I will not cover my SLR for my trip home from LA, I will keep it on me at all times, my main issue is that I’m scared it will be stolen, I will guard it with my life (take it with me to the toilet and all on the plane)… /Rant over.

Lesson here: fix your insurance the moment you realise something is wrong, don’t wait 6 months like I did.

I’m eagerly waiting for dineLA to release their list of participating restaurants for restaurant week 🙂 I am not entirely sure if Anna is willing to humour me by eating out everyday at fancy pants restaurants for lunch and dinner! It’s okay, I can do with 10 out of 14 days. LOL. Hi Anna.

I have also been researching the cost of mailing parcels back to Sydney (I anticipate shopping spreeeeees) – USPS is the cheapest and costs about $70 to ship a 9kg  23 x 13 x 13 parcel. That’s alright. I might have a look at excess luggage charges from Qantas. OH! Qantas doesn’t let you bring 2 luggages anymore, they’ve changed their policy to only 1 piece of checked luggage! Though I think if you booked it before May 2012, you can still bring 2, I sure hope so.


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Excitement + dineLA Restaurant Week

Our trip has quietly snuck up on us, it’s gone from a 1-2 year plan to something that is actually happening in about 1 month! I am so excited, I can barely contain myself, it’s like I’m having an out of body experience and I’m watching myself watch myself as I type… THAT’S HOW EXCITED I AM!

I do have to wage my final battle with the ICAA a day before we leave – curse you, EBA, curse you! I refuse to repeat this, so I have to study hard before I leave D:

OH. Exciting news, I was so disappointed when I realised we would miss NYC Restaurant Week for 2012, Katie has informed me that it is incredibe value for money and all around aaahhhhmazing… Imagine how I reacted when I realised that dineLA’s restaurant week was on July 16 – July 27 2012. HEY! ANNA AND I ARE IN Los Angeles July 16 – July 26 2012 – IT’S FATE. I am going to blow so much money on food…. mmm…. The Bazaar, Mr Chows… Here I come!

Since I am so incredibly fond of lists, and this can be a sweet reminder of how disorganised I was prior to this trip, I have decided to compile yet ANOTHER list of things I need to do D:

  1. Call Travel Insurance Direct and fix my travel insurance (I am covered until the 26th July 2012, when in fact I return on the 28th July 2012, I am so bright.)
  2. Badger Dodo about getting her passport done. 😀 ilu dodo.
  3. Book 11 Madison Park through opentable.com
  4. Book a plethora of restaurants for dineLA restaurant week.
  5. Book Niagara Falls tour
  6. Book Grand Canyon tour
  7. Buy NYC travel pass
  8. Buy LA travel pass
  9. Look at car rentals???
  10. Oh dear… this list is beginning to scare me….


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