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Day 25: Painted Ladies + Cable Car Rides

Our last full day in San Francisco today, oh beautiful city, how I will miss you. We decided to take it easy again (we tend to do that a lot eh?) and only set out to visit the Painted Ladies, ride a cable car, visit Fisherman’s Wharf one last time and go to the Ferry Farmer Markets (open on Saturdays!). Eh, not so easy eh? We actually did EVERYTHING we planned. I am so proud.

We visited the Markets first, it was a longer walk than expected, but the place was super cute, it was by the water and there were stalls everywhere with fresh fruits (America does fruits better than we do, I have to say). We were looking around for a restaurant to eat at, decided on a seafood restaurant, looked next door and saw a super long line for another restaurant called the Hog Island Oyster Coy, we quickly moved over and lined up for that instead after I found out it had consistently 4-5 star ratings! The wait was a while but it was well worth it, the oysters are DIVINE here, so so so so good, we ordered a dozen for $32, no regrets at all. We also ordered the BEST CLAM CHOWDER EVER; it is so much nicer than the ones at Fisherman’s Wharf. If you go San Francisco, I highly recommend you visiting the restaurant, so delicious. Also, they have happy hour specials on certain days where they do oysters for $1.36 each, yum yum yummmmmm.

Next, we took a bus ride to the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square, we finally decided that we should try to work out the bus system, it’s still a bit of a mystery to us (you’re meant to be able to ride for 2 hours on the bus with a $2 ride, or so I seem to think… but our one apparently lasted for 4 hours? Whatever, I didn’t get in trouble from the transit people). Seeing the Painted Ladies is another surreal feeling, I once again thought “WOW I’M REALLY IN THE US!”, I had similar feelings in New York… everywhere in New York.. Haha. I kept thinking there were only 5 painted ladies, but there are in fact 6, there are 7 Alamo Sisters though, with the mansion costing $4.5 million a couple of years back, it used to belong to the guy who built the Painted Ladies.

We went back to Powell St to catch the cable cars from the Powell St/Market St cable car turn around, busiest cable car ride ever, they come so frequently, but the lines are really long, expect to wait around 15-20minutes all the time. If you want to skip the lines but not get a super fun ride, ride the Van Ness cable car rides. We stood on the outside of the cable cars and it was really fun going up and down the steeeeeep steeeeeep hills.

We went and took a little stroll around Fisherman’s Wharf to find bathrooms, all had super long lines so we just walked 15 minutes back to Green Tortoise to go to our own bathrooms… haha!

Dinner was had at… NEW SUN HONG KONG RESTAURANT again, HAHA!!! Noodles and Congee, omg I miss you so much!



How gorgeous is this??


Our common room

Oysters, I love you.


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