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Day 36: Six Flags Magic Mountain & delicious Korean BBQ

Today is the day, where all my fears are realised and I make lots of horrid faces I did not know I could make, and these faces will be immortalised, captured on a Six Flags Magic Mountain camera somewhere. I put my foot down and told Anna I refuse to go on the Lex Luthor Drop of Doom and I also refuse to go on the Goliath and Superman: The Escape, yes, believe it, I said no to Anna, a rarity, I know, the fact that I said no to Anna just goes to show how scared I am, I also said I won’t do The Riddler.

We drove to Six Flags Magic Mountain, I think it was a 40 min drive or so, Anna had to go on a FREEWAY, we used my Iphone GPS to get there, and we MADE IT THERE, not that I didn’t believe we would, it’s just always amazing seeing someone successfully drive on the other side of the road, on a freeway too! I think it’s impressive at least.

ANYWAY, we got to the theme park, and quickly walked to Tatsu, it’s meant to be one of the most popular rides, apparently it feels like you’re flying or whatever and it’s a 4 minute rollercoaster, HAHA really, a 4 minute roller coaster, that didn’t have a lot of plunging drops so I didn’t mind it so much, we looked at the waiting time and it was 90 MINUTES!!!!! Anna and I quickly walked away to find another ride and it was 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK. We should not have left as late as we did. We ended up going to eat an overpriced and shitty lunch (I ate fried chicken and Anna ate a burger, KFC could do better fried chicken than Six Flags, don’t get the fried chicken), and then hopped onto the Gold Rusher, it’s just this little wooden rollercoaster that doesn’t do much, it’s meant to be classed as a Novice sort of ride, even I thought it wasn’t much.

I don’t really remember the order of the rides that we went on so I’m just going to talk about them in non-chronological order, if I get the wait times wrong, please tell me Anna:

  • The Riddler ‘s Revenge – I know I said I wouldn’t go on this, but it looked pretty interesting, it took roughly 45minutes to get on the ride and we realised it was a rollercoaster where we are UPRIGHT, yes, we sort of get on this seat thing but our legs are dangling vertical and our feet touch the floor, it was weird and I didn’t know what to expect, it was also moderately uncomfortable. The ride ended up being super fun and I enjoyed it immensely, we went quite high and spun down, in our vertical positions.
  • Scream – this had NO LINE, we got onto it after Colossus I think, and we just walked straight onto the ride, Anna and I were cheering, it was a standard roller coaster, I can’t remember much of it to be honest.
  • Green Lantern: First Flight – it looked like the tamest ride, this stupid ride took almost 1.5 hours to get on, the line just never ended, it was a ride that basically just zigzagged everywhere, you went to the peak of it and then just… um… I can’t describe it, best show you a picture, please see below. Anyway, this ride was a lot more scary than anticipated, you get to the edge and it just plunges you down, so you get that weirdo butterfly feeling like 4 times, because the seats also spin around, you’re constantly confused… and banging your head, which adds to the confusion. It was fun. But it was painful. Anna and I walked out rubbing our heads and complaining about the last drop because we flew forward into our seat belt thing (I don’t know what it’s called, it’s the thing that keeps you in.. the harness? Oh gosh…), and then got flung back into the seat, and BANG… uncomfy head rest meets back of head.  
  • Colossus – standard run of the mill easter show roller coaster, lots of ups and downs, not many butterflies, surprisingly, Anna must have been disappointed.
  • Batman the ride – almost exactly like the Lethal Weapon wide in the Gold Coast, so your feet are dangling and you’re flying everywhere.
  • X2 – Stupid ride malfunctioned and we waited almost 2 hours for the ride, it rained on us, it was upsetting. The ride was pretty scary, you pretty much ascended to the peak with your back lying down and I was freaking out as we were going up “ANNA WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?”, it gets to the peak and you’re all confused because you see no rails going down, and then it pulls you under and it’s just crazy, also a head banger, it’s meant to be some crazy ride with special effects and stuff (think FIRE AND LIGHTNING) but the weather did not permit.
  • Revolution – a white roller coaster that is one of the oldest there! We only went on it because it had no line, it was okay.


Awesome drive on the freeway lol.


The Collosus is behind Anna, then it’s the Goliath (please see steep drop on roller coaster), then it’s Lex Luthor Drop of Doom, with Superman next to it (it’s pretty much our Giant Drop + Tower of Terror – but in California).



Faces of pure fear, LOL, this was right after we went to the peak and out of nowhere got pulled under. My favourite photo of the trip.

That’s the end of the Six Flags trip, we went home at 7:30pm, and went to dinner at Soowon Galbi Korean BBQ, it was amazing, $39.99 for two people and there was so much meat and SOOOOOO MANY DELICIOUS CONDIMENTS, it also came with a salad and rice and a soft drink too! I got greedy and ordered cold noodles (bad idea), we were stuffed by the end of the meal and had to roll home. I highly recommend this restaurant, but it’s super popular, so be prepared to wait at least 1 hour if you go during dinner. Super delicious though and great service.


In a nutshell:

  • Go to Six Flags Magic Mountain Early
  • Your head will hurt on Six Flags rides, be prepared for headaches to come, go and then come again when you go on another ride
  • Go to Six Flags early, or don’t go during school holidays
  • Eat at Soowon Galbi Korean BBQ.


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Day 34: Los Angeles

We decided to book seats to LA with the “Hostel to Hostel Hopper”, this is a shared van service that costs $40 USD and takes you from one hostel to another hostel! Initially we had planned on going to LA by train (Amtrak), this costs $35 pp, but we would need to cab it there and then cab it from Union Station to StayOn Beverly, so ultimately the shared van service was the most economic choice.

We stood outside the hostel for a while before a man in a big white car came out and asked if we were going LA, Anna had noticed the car and wondered if it could possibly be our ride, but decided that she didn’t know and to ignore her gut feeling (I’m making this up, she never told me why she never spoke up lol). Anyway, the car was very new, the interiors were clean, and were riding with another Aussie, he is from Brisbane and had just completed his Finance and Law degree and was going on some epic world trip, I think his next stop was Mexico or something. The ride was fun and didn’t feel nearly as long as it actually took (approx 3 hours), the driver (Ernest? No? Oh god, Anna what’s his name?) was super nice and genuinely seemed like he liked talking to people, he gave us a couple of recommendations of where to go, how to drive… and we tipped him $10. Each. I felt like a baller, tipping 25%, I never tip 25%. Also, I hate tipping here, take me back to Australia please, tipping, be gone!

We arrived at our hostel a little after 4pm, which was fantastic as check in was at 4pm, the hostel is super cool as we don’t have keys, there are secure pin number entrances, we met the owner and he was super nice. I highly recommend staying at StayOn Beverly, it’s located in Koreatown and there’s lots of Korean food around to eat. The rooms are decently sized, it’s about $45-50USD per night per room (+ tax), and this is during July, so it’s a BARGAIN. It’s a private room too, I wouldn’t really consider it a hostel, more like a really clean rental room, haha the rooms have a nice neutral sort of theme, pale walls, a 32 inch flat screen tv, a secure safe, a study desk, a double bed… it might have been a queen, I wouldn’t know, I sleep in a single bed… what else? A fridge inside the room, microwave outside, 3 super clean and spacious bathrooms… seriously, you’re not going to find a better priced room in LA, it’s amazing, I can’t recommend it enough.

Taken with Instagram

StayOn Beverly, super clean rooms

Anyway, we aren’t renting a car until tomorrow; I think we’re pretty satisfied with staying in our rooms and doing nothing tonight. Oh oh, we went to HK supermarket, a Korean supermarket down Western Avenue, it closes at 12am and houses all sorts of delicious food, we ate dinner at a place called Western Doma Noodles – Anna had spicy cold Korean noodles and I had chicken noodles (hand made noodles with a delicious chicken broth)… yum yum.

Taken with Instagram

Feels like KOREAAAA

Taken with Instagram

We are going to go pick up our car tomorrow and do some shopping! Six Flags Magic Mountain is planned for Wednesday, I figured we may as well get the scary scary part of the trip over with so that I don’t have to live in fear for the next 10 days.

Signing out.


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Day 7: Empire State Building, NBC Tour, NY Library, Bryant Park

I am le tired. I think 5-6 days of excessive walking has finally caught up to me big time, we got home at about 6 and we’ve been lounging around ever since.

We visited another New York icon today – the Empire State Building! We were warned that we could expect 2 hour waits if we went after 11am, we lagged (as usual) and got out of the house at 10, so didn’t get to 5th Avenue until just before 11am. Dodo was lured into a KFC and bought a huge piece of chicken for $3 – it included a bread roll too, Australia, learn from the States, stop over charging us please!!!! I gave in and ended up buying some chilli cheese fries from Nathan’s hot dogs, for some reason the meals aren’t as nice as the Nathan’s store at Coney Island.

We got to the Empire State Building, did the Skyride (Fun! Narrated by Kevin Bacon, who made a joke about the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon), bought post cards, and then headed to the observatory on the 80th floor – The NYC Pass only gives you free entry to the 80th floor, you can add another $17 to go to the 102nd floor I think. It only took us about 15 minutes to get through the line and we were up up and up! We had the option of waiting 20 minutes for the elevators to go up 6 floors, or walk it to the 80th floor, and we opted to walk it. Tick, exercise for the day done! I can see Dodo frowning as she reads this. “Pft, that was exercise? WEAK!” She will think to herself.

Anyway, Empire State Building was cool-ish, it’s something you must do if you go NY I guess. We headed to Macy’s next to have a browse and to look for my DG 2096 sunglasses, they don’t sell them anyway and I am devastated. Macy’s is HUGE, it’s a huge department store the size of Parramatta Westfields. We crossed off most of the levels that we weren’t going to go to (men’s clothing, kids clothing) and then took a stroll around, we weren’t there for long, nothing to see, prices out of our range… though we did eat a large Ben and Jerry’s Icecream and pretzel hot dogs. Dodo has pretty much eaten a hot dog a day, machining.

We then made our way to Bryant Park/New York Public Library, both are gorgeous! I did some post card writing in the park while we bathed in the New York summer sun. We had a reservation for the NBC Studio Tour at 3:30pm so we headed to the Rockefeller Centre to get to that. The tour was so-so, though it was cool going through a working studio since all 3 of us are TV buffs. I LOVED the merchandise (Greendale Community College jumper, I’m talking about you), but they were overpriced and nothing was in my size, I’m also on my first leg of a 6 week trip, so best not to pack too much junk (it’s probably too late for me now).

I’ve made plans to visit the LOVE sign at Rockefeller to take a photo and have abandoned them daily in a exchange for getting to go home earlier, I am a fail traveller. I think we did a sufficient amount though, right? We walked home from Rockefeller and strolled into a nail parlour to get a manicure and pedicure, MY FIRST! It was bizarre, people who know me will know that I really hate people touching my feet, I hate people clipping my nails even more – it’s like watching someone chop off an arm, it is really that bad for me, it IRKS me, but after 6 days of walking, we were all in need of some pampering… I sit here typing with perfectly cut and painted nails 🙂 While I am not a convert, it was pretty nice to be pampered! I then tippy-toed all the way home because I couldn’t be bothered to put my vans on properly. There’s a sight for ya!

We made a nice home cooked dinner because our fridge is filled like no tomorrow, Pasta with bolognase and a salad for those who were wondering. Dodo and I are also drinking wine, Dodo has drunk a copious amount of wine in the last few days, a bottle of Sangria a day! The bottle shop owner even recognises us now and calls us neighbours.

Anyway, I’m going to go and be classy and eat from our cheese and fruit plate while sipping on my Moscato D’Asti – or I might just pass out from exhaustion (this is 10x more likely to be my night).

I still need to watch Suits, oh my…

Our plans tomorrow are a walk at Central Park (FINALLY, YAY, 30 STREET WALK YAYYYYYYYY *DIES*), Guggenheim, Yankees game at the Bronx (if you don’t see another blog post in 24 hours, please call 911 for me, or the Australian Consulate, I love you Mum), and dinner at Sylvias. We were meant to go MOMA today but it was closed, so might try to fit that in too (Ha! Unlikely). American Museum of Natural History on Thursday, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cheeeeeering! Bike ride at Central Park on Friday (yes! get to cruise around in my sexy kicks).

We’ve used $150 out of $180 on our NY Pass with 3 days to go, BAM! In your face NY pass!

Okay. Bye.


Top of the empire state building! (Taken with Instagram)

Empire State Building Views

Inside the New York Public Library

New York Public Library (Taken with Instagram)

Outside the New York Public Library

@ The Empire State Building

Bryant Park & the New York Public Library.

NBC Tour Pass!

Taken with Instagram

Dinner is served

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Day 5: Brooklyn & Coney Island

So… we were so tired yesterday that I did not blog, I feel horrible… because now I can barely remember the things we did/said, that’s the thing about blogging while travelling, you cover so many things each day that the moment you don’t write it down, your new memories sort of overwrite things. I’ll try my best though. It’s 12:22am, Anna and Doodles are asleep and I’m trying to do 2 days worth of blogging in a space of 15 minutes so that I can get some sleep! We’re waking up early and going to the Empire State Building! I turned on the dish washer and it is so loud, sometimes I just don’t think, I trust that they are both tired enough to sleep through it. :X Sorry kiddies.

We had grand plans today, we were meant to do the Statue of Liberty cruise, walk the Brooklyn Bridge and visit the Brooklyn Museum. I will tell you know, we abandoned 2/3 of those things! We had to catch the orange line at Rockafella to go Brooklyn (correct me if I’m wrong, Anna – my memory does not serve me well at this hour, and you know how horrible I am with the trains when I know I can rely on you, dude, what am I goign to do without youuu?). We took mass detours before we finally caught the subway, our detours included getting standby tickets for the David Letterman show (which is so close to us), going to the NBC Experience Store, trying to find the Jimmy Fallon standby tickets (failed, btw), and talking to some Rockafella security guard for 10 minutes about what to do in Brooklyn. Robert (the Rockafella Security guard) was extremely friendly and helpful with where to go since he was born and raised there, he suggested Coney Island, Prospect Park, his house… yes, he jokingly suggested his house. We ended up deciding to abandon Brooklyn Museum for Coney Island and off we went, the ride was meant to take 45 minutes but it didn’t feel that long, it’s pretty interesting looking outside the train into Brooklyn, it looks SO different to Manhattan, like something straight out of those movies.

So close to home! (Taken with Instagram)

Yay for being super tourists

Coney Island

Coney Island is the last stop on the Orange Line (catch D, I think, don’t listen to me actually, I think that this trip has taught me that I lieeeee a lot). It has an amazing boardwalk, a beach, a themepark, and yummy hot dogs, if you’re in the Brooklyn area, you should definitely visit. Coney Island is also home to Nathan’s Hotdogs, Amanda’s favourite hot dogs in the world now, they make amazing chilli cheese dogs and chilli cheese fries! There’s also another store in 7th Ave (I think? Again, I tend to lie a lot, don’t listen to me.) if you’re not bothered to travel all the way to Coney Island. We quickly ate lunch by the beach and did some people watching and then walked around the themeparks and squeezed into a photobooth and got some photos taken.

We strolled around and played some of those amusement park games, here, I learnt that Amanda Do is secretly an amazing dart thrower!!!! She’s crazy!! We played the game where you throw darts and pop balloons, the guy gave us 3 extra darts for $5, so we had 6 all up, I only managed to do 3, 1 in the first game and 2 in the second game! Anna did the same as I did, so we both ended up with this little ugly fish soft toys as a ‘you tried’ prize. Amanda is up, and pops 5/6 with so little effort, my jaw literally dropped, she won this cute little duck. We passed some dodgy tarot readers on our way to the station, but there’s not much of a story there.

Coney Island is an amazing place, lots of people, lots of rides, there’s people singing, people dancing, people fishing, people exercising – I love it!

Taken with Instagram

Our awesome Nike shoes. Love! This is what we do on a train passing through Brooklyn.

Taken with Instagram

Nathan’s famous hot dogs! They are so so good

Taken with Instagram

The gorgeous Coney Island

Coney Island (Taken with Instagram)

Some of my favourite people in the New York summer sun!

Taken with Instagram

Posing. Look at my shoes!!!

Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

Brooklyn Museum

So we decided to head to the Brooklyn Museum after Coney Island, after all, we did buy a New York Pass ($180 for 7 days). The Museum is gorgeous!!!!! There are 5 levels I think, the 5th level had all these Renaissance paintings, the other levels had more paintings… I am super bad with art and what period and style is what and what… so I apologise for these fail descriptions. God. The dishwasher is still going, it’s so loud, I feel like I’m in the engine of a huge ship. Anyway, one level was solely dedicated to the works of Rodin… let me show you pretty much what we saw on the entire floor:

Taken with Instagram

Yeah, it’s just chilling around with a vagina for a head. Bizarre, I tell you! This stuff was EVERYWHERE on that level, we did some admiring and left that floor pretty quickly and jetted off to the Egyptian Exhibit. They had 4 mummies! The floor was huge and they had all sorts of stuff like parts of the walls, and little statues… they also had a very long photographed copy of the Book of the Dead, which was kinda cool. Amanda went nuts in there and took maybe about 100 photos while Anna and I wanted to cry from sore feet.

At this point, we were ready to go home, we had dinner plans at 9:30pm and it was probably about 7? I don’t remember actually, I don’t recall much haha I’m usually just tired and I start falsifying memories. We were meant to do the Brooklyn Bridge Walk and then have Grimaldi’s Pizza, ABANDONED! ABANDONED! ABANDONED! Anna made the executive decision that we were not doing a 1 hour bridge walk after 7 hours of walking, even Amanda, the one who is ALWAYS keen on walking, wanted to go home and rest before heading out again. So off we went back home.

Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

Mocking statues is such a tremendous amount of fun

Levain Bakery

We hopped onto an express train by accident on the way home and ended up on 72nd or something, Anna mentioned that the bakery I’ve been wanting to go to is here so we stumbled outside in search of it. Katie has been raving about these cookies and trip advisor rates it as the 2nd best ‘restaurant’ in NYC after Eleven Madison Park. The bakery is such a small hole in a wall, you walk downstairs and the area to order is like a 2mx2m box. I got a double chocolate chip cookie, dodo got a chocolate chip walnut cookie and Anna got both – smart woman, I want more now. They are the size of a muffin and don’t look particularly appetizing, but one mouthful and your life is changed… forever. Cookies are ruined for me forever now! These were AMAZING, soft on the inside, oozing chocolate, and crunchy on the outside – I will sell my soul for the recipe, and I will sell it now! I implore you to visit this little bakery if you visit NYC, you will not regret it. It’s on Amsterdam Avenue on 74th St. You really need to look for it, I don’t know how you’d find the place unless someone told you to go, you’re a local, or you have super crazy eagle eyes.


Our feet & backs were so so tired that we ended up going to some chinese massage place on 9th Avenue between 54th-55th, it was $18 for a 20 minute back or foot massage, I got two of them! Anna and Doodles got one each. The foot massage was a killer, I bit onto my hand the moment he put pressure onto the pressure points, so much paiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn… things cracked under my foot that I never even knew existed! I felt so much better afterwards though, Dodo also commented on how good it was, though she wasn’t in any sort of pain. Anna’s masseuse had to get rid of a billion knots on her back, so she’s still in pain at this very moment from the mass back bashing.


I would say more about this place, but I have an entire post to talk about how amazing Eleven Madison Park is… so I will just say that Buddakan is very nice, highly recommended, get the Bo Bo tasting plate, it is chinese food but done a bit differently. We went there with Doodles so she could catch up with her UTS friend Vanessa and her boyfriend Andrew. Happy news came from this dinner, Amanda has plane buddies for her trip home! Thank goodness, I’m almost sure she can manage to get back to Sydney herself, but now I am 100% sure she will make it home!  Hm… I didn’t upload the dessert photos >=( I am lazy. I am now hungry, I realised about 1 hour ago that I haven’t had dinner!!!! Blah.

Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

Taken with InstagramTaken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram


75th 9th Avenue New York, NY 10011

OKAY! Time to make a speed post about Eleven Madison Park!! No silly quotes from Doodles for Day 5, I’m sure she had many, but I can’t remember! Actually, from memory, I was the one who said a billion stupid things before 10am.


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