Day 34: Los Angeles

We decided to book seats to LA with the “Hostel to Hostel Hopper”, this is a shared van service that costs $40 USD and takes you from one hostel to another hostel! Initially we had planned on going to LA by train (Amtrak), this costs $35 pp, but we would need to cab it there and then cab it from Union Station to StayOn Beverly, so ultimately the shared van service was the most economic choice.

We stood outside the hostel for a while before a man in a big white car came out and asked if we were going LA, Anna had noticed the car and wondered if it could possibly be our ride, but decided that she didn’t know and to ignore her gut feeling (I’m making this up, she never told me why she never spoke up lol). Anyway, the car was very new, the interiors were clean, and were riding with another Aussie, he is from Brisbane and had just completed his Finance and Law degree and was going on some epic world trip, I think his next stop was Mexico or something. The ride was fun and didn’t feel nearly as long as it actually took (approx 3 hours), the driver (Ernest? No? Oh god, Anna what’s his name?) was super nice and genuinely seemed like he liked talking to people, he gave us a couple of recommendations of where to go, how to drive… and we tipped him $10. Each. I felt like a baller, tipping 25%, I never tip 25%. Also, I hate tipping here, take me back to Australia please, tipping, be gone!

We arrived at our hostel a little after 4pm, which was fantastic as check in was at 4pm, the hostel is super cool as we don’t have keys, there are secure pin number entrances, we met the owner and he was super nice. I highly recommend staying at StayOn Beverly, it’s located in Koreatown and there’s lots of Korean food around to eat. The rooms are decently sized, it’s about $45-50USD per night per room (+ tax), and this is during July, so it’s a BARGAIN. It’s a private room too, I wouldn’t really consider it a hostel, more like a really clean rental room, haha the rooms have a nice neutral sort of theme, pale walls, a 32 inch flat screen tv, a secure safe, a study desk, a double bed… it might have been a queen, I wouldn’t know, I sleep in a single bed… what else? A fridge inside the room, microwave outside, 3 super clean and spacious bathrooms… seriously, you’re not going to find a better priced room in LA, it’s amazing, I can’t recommend it enough.

Taken with Instagram

StayOn Beverly, super clean rooms

Anyway, we aren’t renting a car until tomorrow; I think we’re pretty satisfied with staying in our rooms and doing nothing tonight. Oh oh, we went to HK supermarket, a Korean supermarket down Western Avenue, it closes at 12am and houses all sorts of delicious food, we ate dinner at a place called Western Doma Noodles – Anna had spicy cold Korean noodles and I had chicken noodles (hand made noodles with a delicious chicken broth)… yum yum.

Taken with Instagram

Feels like KOREAAAA

Taken with Instagram

We are going to go pick up our car tomorrow and do some shopping! Six Flags Magic Mountain is planned for Wednesday, I figured we may as well get the scary scary part of the trip over with so that I don’t have to live in fear for the next 10 days.

Signing out.


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