Day 27: the longest day ever, Grand Canyon & Marquee

So the plan was to go to the Grand Canyon + Marquee today. Happy to report that we went to both! Everyone was telling us to go to XS at Wynn/Encore, but it was just too far and we got home too late to not have to wait 3 hours in line, so Marquee across the road it was.

Grand Canyon was a 16 hour or so trip, with 13 hours of bus riding, NOT FUN, NOT FUN AT ALL! It was $90, and I am officially sworn off riding buses. HELPFUL TIP (that I was also given by my boss, and ignored – so stupid): ride a plane to the Grand Canyon, it’s a 3.5 hour ride ALL UP, and it’s about $250. Totally worth it IMO. No one likes to waste their entire day on a bus like we did, we did TWO entire days.

I fell asleep for the majority of ride to the canyons; we had 2 stops – Mathers Point… and something else that I can’t recall, we spent around 90 minutes at each site. The Grand Canyons are really spectacular! Both Yosemite and the Grand Canyons have made me feel like I walked straight out of a postcard, it’s unbelievable! A bunch of people were taking photos in some other area that had no fences or barriers too, what guns! I am far to clumsy to do stuff like that, I would probably step on a baby rock and tumble down the Canyons – I would gather that 1-2 people would like to see me home, alive.

So we got back home at 10:30pm, we were told that if you’re not in line for Marquee or XS by that time, HAPPY WAITING! We ended up getting out of the hotel just before 12am and got a pass for 2 from a guy on the street for $10, I told him if this didn’t work, I’d come back for him! We lined up and got in within 45 minutes, I know I know, you can find ways to get in for free and not pay, but we don’t club so we don’t know! Also, we were fully expecting to pay the $20 cover charge each for girls, so to us, we saved $15 each! J

The club is big, lots of people screaming, bumping, grinding, RedFoo from LMFAO was there, I only saw a gigantic fro on the stage. Anna and I proceeded to buy a vodka sunrise, it was $15 each – WTF, they used Belvedere vodka and all, but $15!!!!!!!!!!! Highway robbery!!!!!!!!!!! Anna and I took a little stroll around near the outdoor pool to finish our drinks and some random Mexican/Italian (oh I don’t know) guys came up to us and asked us to take a picture for them, they ended up sticking around to talk to us and one of the guys kept sleazing onto me. American guys are so so so sleazy at clubs, I was told of this, but really saw it firsthand. Oh, our Aussie boys are such gentlemen (or just not as confident). He bought me a long island and refused my money when I tried to pay him back. I ended up downing 2 long islands during the course of the night and getting spectacularly drunk, in true Karen style, I can’t remember chunks of my night. I do remember the guy telling me he got here by helicopter and pulling out a big big big roll of cash. I do remember the smaller Mexican guy (who is apparently our age) talking to Anna about … who knows what. I do remember the other guy trying to lead me to the bar and kiss my head and smell my neck after I enthusiastically spoke about my boyfriend. OH, some guy from Hawaii kept hitting on Anna too. He kept trying to hold her hand by leading her to other areas of the club (seriously guys?), and would touch her waist and stuff, my god, we had to escape!!!!! In my drunken state, I said I wanted to go see the hip hop room, we walked downstairs and he was leading, the moment was saw the exit door to the balcony, I grabbed Anna and we stood outside and decided to leave because I felt like hurling (SUP SPANX). When we walked out, lucky us, he was walking to the stairs and spotted us, we were literally 1m away from him. “Where did you guys go? You guys disappeared” he asked. “Oh, we just needed a breath of fresh air” I smoothly responded, though I doubt I was as smooth as my drunk self thought.

So anyway, we left at around 2am, I ended up calling said boyfriend and lamenting to him about how bad my skin is and how he will leave me when I return… this went on for about 20 minutes (or so he says, I don’t remember much of the conversation) – oh babe, I don’t know how you put up with me, you clearly got the short end of the stick in this relationship.

I passed out the moment my head touched the pillow! Omg I am so proud that we managed to go out and party after waking up so early and sitting on a bus all day.

American drinks are so strong. I’ve completely gotten screwed over long islands 2 nights of my trip, they were tasty long islands though! That’s pretty much the story of the day!

OH I forgot, when we got home, our water had completely shut off, I used the last good flush on the toilet and then all was lost. We needed to wash our faces!!! We called the concierge and received a $50 credit for food/bev for the inconvenience. We ended up running outside to the ice machine to get a bucket of ice, blow drying the ice, and using icy cold water to rinse the face wash off our faces, Anna said it was super cold, I remember washing my face with it first but it not being particularly cold. Idiot child.


So beautiful!!!!


Look at how fat the packet of chips has gone



I slept beside this


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