Day 20: Universal Studios Island of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida

Day 2 of the Universal Studios Pass begins! It was $10 more than a 1 day pass, so it’s mighty worth it.

Universal Studios Island of Adventure

We initially planned to head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again to go on the Forbidden Journey ride but did not anticipate that at 10:15am, the wait would be 70 minutes. Most of the rides we went on 2 days ago have turned from 10-15 minute waits for us to 40-70 minute waits today.

We did most of the rides that we wanted to on the first day of the pass with the exception of SPIDERMAN and JURASSIC PARK. We’ve been on both at Universal Studios Osaka, but thought we’d go on in Orlando anyway, I mean, we did pay for the pass!

Spiderman was a 45 minute wait, it brought back memories of Japan where we were in line and they take you through the Daily Bugle (as part of the line) and we thought it was the ride, because we’re dumb asses. I think this ride is a little different to the one in Osaka, or maybe I’m just getting older and my memory is failing me, but it was super duper fun, you get put onto a Daily Bugle car and taken around, it’s pretty much a 4D adventure ride (WITH REAL FIRE AT SOME POINT!).

Jurassic Park is pretty much just a nice water ride around… well… Jurassic Park…. and then you go indoors, up a ramp in darkness and you plunge 18m (I think) down into water, water splashes up and over onto you. This also brought back memories of Japan, when we all bought the night pass, did not heed to warnings that we would get wet and to buy a poncho… bravely soldiering onto the ride, getting drenched in Japan winter weather (mfucking cold).

Universal Studios Florida

We went on the following rides:

  • Mummy Returns – super fun, an indoor rollercoaster that we went on twice, because it was so fun!! I love indoor rollercoasters.
  • Twister – Eh, you can give it a miss, it’s just this … thing that shows you the effects of a twister, they simulate lightning and cows flying across the sky and thunder and rain.
  • Hollywood Rock n Roll – the bane of my life, it was the steepest roller coaster at the park, Anna was super excited to go on it, and I wanted to cry, I was pretty much dreading it the entire day, it’s a roller coaster where you get to select your own music and it blasts into your ears, you have 80 seconds to select it (it takes 80 seconds from when you get strapped in to when you get to the peak of the rollercoaster), it’s a vertical ascension upwards, so your back is lying flat and it’s a horrible horrible feeling… the rollercoaster wasn’t too bad though, so I freaked out over nothing – nothing new. Bwahaha.
  • Men in Black Alien Invasion – also fun, but you twist and turn a lot, resulting in bruised elbows and stuff, you shoot aliens while being twisted and turned!

Oh, if a whole day is going to be spent at Universal Studios, get an ALL DAY MEAL DEAL for $20.99 and an all you can drink for $8.99, totally worth it if you don’t mind junk food. If you eat during lunch, avoid Mel’s Diner (MASS CROWDS), go to Louie’s Italian Restaurant instead, they have pastas and pizzas and stuff, and you can actually sit! We managed to spend about $35 on food that day, Anna even snuck a salad out of the park for a late night snack – winning Asians for ya.

We also went to watch the Hollywood Horror Make-up show towards the end of the day only because it was showing in 10 minutes, it doesn’t really go into Horror Makeup that much but it’s SUPER entertaining. It’s SO GOOD. The two hosts are insanely funny and have such good timing, they should have their own show.

Taken with Instagram

OH. 3 tips:

  1. Buy an all you can eat pass.
  2. Go on single ride lines (as in you don’t ride with your friend) as often as you can, you cut the line by like… heaps, some rides were like 60 minute waits and we got in in 10 minutes, SINGLE RIDING all the way!
  3. Use your knuckles to poke at numbers and stuff on the touch screen lockers, so many people struggled when they used their fingertips.


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