Day 17: Sawgrass Mills

Supposedly the 6th largest outlet in America, we had high hopes coming here, there’s almost every big shop you can think of, but we left with our wallets intact! Thankfully so! I only bought a carry-on luggage with 4 wheels (so so much easier to travel with, and you can fit more in it than in those silly Sportsgirl bags, you know, the copy-cat Oroton ones). I also bought lunch from Tony Roma Express, ½ baby back ribs with a big fat sweet juicy corn cob for $8.99, my jaws dropped, I will go back to Australia as such a tight ass, unhealthy food is so cheap here! Anna ate some Taco Bell (HAHAH DODO, YES, SHE ATE TACO BELL!), it was less than $7 for a taco, nachos and a drink – whaddup, so cheap.

Anna bought a bag from Kenneth Cole and some items from GAP, my gosh, Kenneth Cole at that outlet WINS, the bags are so so nice and are leather, it was discounted from $200 to $60 – I’m sure they retail for more than $200 in Australia!

We ended up leaving earlier than expected, so we made it for the free dinner from the Hostel. Chicken and rice, edible, but not the best, but it’s FREE, so whatever, they have free breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.
12801 W Sunrise Blvd  Sunrise, FL 33323

You can book a spot on a bus directly from most of the places you’re staying at or just do a quick Google search, we paid $25 for a return ticket each – we also kept forgetting to tip the bus driver, oops.

Anyway, that’s all. We didn’t do much. :/


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One thought on “Day 17: Sawgrass Mills

  1. Phillip Ngo says:

    I refuse to pay $40 for ribs at Tony Romas after reading this…

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