Day 13: Union Square, SoHo, Century 21 revisited, Serendipity

We managed to knock down most of the things we wanted to do today, and we didn’t get lazy about any of it either, with a forceful determination, Anna and I woke up and left the house at 12:30pm – not lazy? Yeaaaahhh right. We didn’t even set particularly ambitious plans, since we jammed packed every touristy sight to visit when Doodles was around! Doodles landed in Sydney at around 6pm today (8am Sydney Time), and was already up and strolling around Cabramatta, the lucky girl doesn’t have any jet lag and didn’t even take the sleeping pills that were readily available to her. I on the other hand will be taking advantage of whatever sleeping aids I get – noise cancelling headphones, sleeping pills, a sleeping mask, the works!

Union Square
We first hit up Union Square, the park there is pretty I guess, I didn’t know what else was to see there, I saw a H&M store and got excited, I left this top I wanted 2 days prior because the lines are so so long on a weekend, shopping on a weekend should be avoided by tourists as all the locals flock there. Actually, it’s pretty insane on a normal day as well. While we were taking a romantic stroll at Union Square Park, it started to rain, yes, these are the tears of New York City from knowing that we will be leaving in 2 days, that’s what I tell myself. Anyway, we bolted down the subway and quickly abandoned our plans of visiting Washington Square (that’s where the big arch thing is, they have something that looks similar in France, it’s the setting of Suits episode 1, where Mike tells Trevor that he’s known his social security number since he was 9 and will f&^% him upppp – woo.. I am a Suits nerd.) EH, we will visit this tomorrow, and I know we will, since I am from the future and have already been there.

Taken with InstagramCentury 21

Oh gosh, I am going to eat my words here, I previously lamented about how incredibly shit it was and how crowded it was, I think my exact words were “HERE IS WHERE CLOTHES COME TO DIE!” Actually, those were Katie’s words. It is crowded all the time, but when you have time and are not in a particularly sort of rush, it’s not too bad. They have a ridiculous selection of sunglasses in the Downtown C21 store, I managed to get a pair of Michael Kors and Steve Madden sunnies, a Michael Kors black leather wallet that I kind of love, and a big fat red travel wallet (I put my phone, my money, my passport, my keycards, my receipts, my coins… my life, my mum and my dad inside). Anna also managed to get a Kenneth Cole bag, a nice Tommy Hilfiger wallet and a sunglasses case. FRUITFUL! IT WAS A FRUITFUL ADVENTURE!

The fact that we have visited SoHo for the 4th time is evidence as to how incredibly awesome the shopping is. Best shopping in NYC, I say! I slipped into H&M to find my floral top and came out with 2 tops, a dress, and a bikini. WOO. I have an obsession with bikinis, sunglasses, and bras. I need to stop. Anna? Help me????

Serendipity + Magnolia Bakery
Next, we headed to Midtown East to try Serendipity again, the last time we went at 11pm and there was a 45min wait. This time, we went at 6pm, SURELY, we’d get in immediately right? WRONG. 1 hr wait again, I don’t think there is EVER a right time for Serendipity in NYC, so if you want to go, be prepared to wait. Anyway, we were determined and just put our names down and went for a browse in the Bloomingdales across the road, we also went into Magnolia Bakery because I wanted a mocha. I don’t even normally drink coffee, this is how it all starts, first it’s a mocha, then BAM, I’m a coffee fiend and it’s the end for me. No, I will not allow this to happen, I quit mochas! I will save myself! We ended up 2 cupcakes each, Anna with a caramel and red velvet, me with a vanilla and banana… I will never know what compelled us to think that it was a good idea eating 2 cupcakes before dinner. Some lady kept talking to me while I was eating my cupcake.

Taken with Instagram

45 minutes went by and we went back to Serendipity and got seated fairly quickly. The décor of the place is adorable, it feels like you’ve stepped into vintage fantasy land, there’s  was a huge huge clock next to us, and there are vintage paintings everywhere. They are most famous for their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate – how it can be Frozen and Hot, I will never know, but we ordered one of these. We also ordered spicy chicken wings and a Turkey sandwich – hello America, land of the excess, we are learning your ways. The table beside us were going crazy with their food, I think they ordered like 5 big items and like 4 drinks – TWO PEOPLE ONLY. Anyway, the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate came and it was HUGE, I’m talking the size of two of my fists together huge, nothing special though… it tastes like Gloria Jeans Iced Chocolate, in fact, I would have to say Gloria Jeans is nicer because we have better cream. EHHH. The spicy wings I would have done without too, it’s just sticky and tastes like someone has poured hot sauce all over it. The Turkey Sandwich, now this, EVERYONE SHOULD ORDER! So delicious, so big, served with Irish Soda bread that Anna did not like but I loved.

Anyway, while we were waiting for our meals to come, Anna and I were complaining about not having seen any celebrities, we put our names on the stand-by list to go to David Letterman, but never got a call back, we were devo, Vanessa saw Melissa George, and that makes me even more devo. While I was people watching, a man was blocking the pathway of a waiter because he was playing with his kid and the waiter asked him to move, he quickly got up and went back to his seat and then I froze, this man looked oddly familiar… I quickly turned to Anna and I really did look like this: O_O, I have the worst poker face in the entire world, do not ever take me to poker. I grabbed her arm and started mumbling “OH MY GOD ANNA, OH MY GOD!! IT’S THE LEAD FROM ROYAL PAINS!! YOU WATCH ROYAL PAINS DON’T YOU?!?!? I WATCH ROYAL PAINS!! IT’S HIM! I KNOW IT! IT’S HIM! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOO?!?!”, she turns to him and calmly goes “Yeah, it’s him”, wow, she must regret going on holidays with this nut job. He was on the table diagonal to us, 2m away from us! He seemed nice, played with his kids a lot and was polite to waiters. Ahhhh, that made my day, that 45min wait was worth it! I can officially report that we had our first celebrity sighting.

Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

Anna (Taken with Instagram)
gorgeous NYC sun set, omg, NYC I love you!


Woot. Signing off.


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  1. Phillip Ngo says:

    It’s just a cupcake!

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