Day 12: Dodo’s departure

Dodo left today and we had her farewell lunch at the Shake Shack near the theatre district, it was a nice long walk in the heat 🙂 Be prepared to hover over tables to get seats if you want to go, the place is packed all the freakin time. We had their shakeburger, cheese fries, vanilla shake and a coke – all were equally as delicious!

After that we did some last minute souvenir shopping in Times Square (there’s 2 stores further down from TKTS that are decently priced) and then went to pink berry for some froyo, and then went home to head over to Vanessa+Andrew’s to drop Doodles off. It is so different without her, no more morning disco lights and dancing haha. 

Anna and I pretty much passed out when we got home, woke up at 8pm, and went to Ajisai Sushi on 9th Ave for dinner, we were craving Japanese so badly. They mucked up our order – they gave us a sushi set instead of sashimi set when we already ordered an 18 piece sushi set for 2, so we paid around $80 (incl tips) for a ridiculous amount of sushi. Lame.

Sad and uneventful day haha.


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