Day 11: MoMA, Grand Central Station, High line

Since it was Dodo’s last full day, we decided to pack it in, I think we did pretty well, we left the house at 10:40am and got back just before 8pm – my legs and feet hate me, FYI.

We finally went MoMA today, it only took like 5-6 days! The Museum has 6 levels, with level 5 housing Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet and more – there was an entire room dedicated to Monet’s garden lily paintings, they’re huge! It’s all kinds of amazing seeing those paintings in real life, I got super excited when I saw Starry Night too! Doodles and Anna hadn’t had breakfast yet, so that was all that was on their mind. This was included in the New York Pass (I think we’ve hit like $270-300 on the card now wooooo, we paid $180).

Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

The next destination was Magnolia Bakery! Doodles and I were itching for an ICED MOCHA, yes, I was not stupid this time, we also got a cupcake each, pretty good, I can see why people rave about it.

Taken with Instagram

Magnolia bakery cupcake! (Taken with Instagram)

Next stop: Grand Central. We initially intended to walk it (down 10 streets and a couple of avenues I think), but we luckily found a subway that took us directly there (the 7 train near Bryant Park). The place is so so so amazing… the ceiling is made up of a series of constellations and is painted to look like the sky. We tried to find the stairs where Serena and Dan first met properly, but failed miserably. We spent about 10 minutes trying to steal APPLE WI-FI, we’re like moths to a light when we find out there’s free wi-fi. There are mass tourists taking photos there too, like all the time.

Taken with Instagram

Finally!!! (Taken with Instagram at Grand Central Terminal)

Lunch was had at Cafeteria in Chelsea, the wait was ridiculously long so we ran into Loehmann’s Department Store to kill time (45 min), we went back and still had to wait another 15 minutes. We were seated out in the sun and all ended up with a tan during a 1 hour lunch. Doodles and Anna were extremely hungry by then and were desperate for a bagel, they both ordered a bagel and Dodo ordered an additional Smoked Salmon Benedict, I ordered a Peach Salad with some meat and goats cheese with a balsamic glaze, a Mac Attack ($14 for a tasting plate of 3 different types of their Mac and Cheese – we picked the Gouda, Truffle Oil and Cheddar), their Mac and Cheese is quite popular and I have to say it’s pretty damn good. I did not know that Chelsea was the equivalent of Sydney’s Kings Cross, there were so many same sex couples out and about, holding hands and having lunch. Thanks for the recommendation, Katie!

Taken with Instagram at Cafeteria

Next, we made our way to the High Line, it used to be a train track I think, and is now a linear park across New York City, it has such nice views and there’s little areas with water and people sunbathing and lots and lots of green, there’s also Cafes up there. Sydney should do something like that near/at UTS, it’s really something having a nice park surrounded by buildings and concrete, it’s like a nice sanctuary! We only walked about 4-5 streets and decided we needed to hit up SoHo & Times Square for Dodo’s last minute shopping.

Taken with Instagram

Taken with InstagramWe had some drinks later at night with Vanessa+Andrew to say Bye to them and Doodles, they are flying on the same day/same flight, thank goodness Doodles has company going home! We had some salami + cheese + fruit plates with Moscato and Sangria. Yeah, we fancyyyyyyyyyyy. They went up to the roof top to admire the NYC skyline/night, while I was an anti-social and stayed downstairs, my leg was so tired! 😦

Taken with Instagram

Anyway, I am done!


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