Day 10: Bike riding in Central Park, Thunderstorms, Broadway

MOMA did not happen again. This is all I willing to say about MOMA.

We had previously decided that we could go watch a broadway show in NYC, Lion King tickets were unfortunately sold out because we were being lazy and slow, so we decided to watch The Phantom of the Opera. MY FAVOURITE 🙂 I’ve watched it so many times. TKTS at Times Square and the Financial District sell 50% off tickets, we went to the Financial District Store, it is on 199 Water St, NYC and opens at 11am, the line starts at like 10am though. Phantom of the Opera was on at 8pm and we JUST made it, we ended up paying $70 for them, since the show was off broadway, the theatre was more intimate and we sat much closer than we would have in Sydney if we had paid $70.

Our little party got a bit lost before getting to TKTS and I managed to see that the Bodies Exhibition was like 2 minutes away from TKTS  – score, the exhibition is $30 and part of our New York Pass, I conned Anna and Doodles into going! I was pretty interested in it anyway because Wendy had gone prior to that and recommended it. This is an exhibition that showcases preserved human bodies, a lot of them don’t have casing either, so you see all the muscles, nerves, ligaments, bones, fat etc. The bodies were all bodies donated by the Chinese government, with no verification that the bodies do not belong to executed prisoners – there was a whole fiasco around that. There was a section that was strictly dedicated to embryo and foetal development, it was so incredibly fascinating. They had the embryo and foetuses in little jars and you saw the developments from week 3, 5, 8, 9, 12 and so on. It’s a good thing to go see if you have it on a pass or something, it’s not something you see everyday. No photos though, they didn’t let us and I don’t think it’s particularly respectful either.

We went Bike Riding today, a 3 hr bike hire thing in Central Park is included in our New York Pass so we thought we’d use it before it ended. Random people on the street were commending us on our efforts of riding a bike in the ridiculously humid weather. I highly recommend riding a bike through the park, you get through things much quicker than walking, there’s also a one way bike path on the road… so you need to go the entire way around the park in one direction unless you want to do what we did and get sort of told. We checked the weather today and were advised that there would be thunderstorms, 25 minutes into the ride, the weather took a turn for the worst, we quickly got out of the park, returned the bikes and ran home (3 avenues away!).

Keeping it short today, because we did not do much. My luggage is sooooo full and I have 5 weeks left, Doodles is so taking things home for me.


New York Pass

Central park (Taken with Instagram)

Taken with Instagram

The Phantom of the Opera (Taken with Instagram at Majestic Theatre)

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One thought on “Day 10: Bike riding in Central Park, Thunderstorms, Broadway

  1. Phillip Ngo says:

    I check out the bodies exhibition whilst eating a hotdog cause I’m a New Yorker like that

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