Day 9: Lions, Dinosaurs, Neanderthals & Whales

The plan & the result:

  1. Visit the American Museum of Natural History – tick, accomplished this!
  2. Visit MOMA – no tick, yes, this is probably the 4th time we’ve attempted to go to MOMA and failed.
  3. Visit Top of the Rock – tick? 
  4. Eat dinner at Carnegie Deli, apparently they have the best sandwiches ever and they are huge – tick, sort of. We got lazy and had it delivered 4 streets away. 

American Museum of Natural History (included in the New York Pass)
4 levels of historical goodness, this place is MAGICAL, it is so huge and just mind blowing. They have 5 floors (lower level all the way up to level 4) of exhibits: think marine life with a life sized whale replica dangling from the wall, mammoth bones, t-rex bones, stuffed bears, lions, tigers, the evolution of humans, and space etc. I don’t think any amount of words can describe how incredible the place is, it’s an amazing feeling looking at how far the world has come and how we have changed, the world is pretty spectacular. Hmph, I’ve used so many synonyms – mind blowing, incredible, spectacular, magical… haha, what’s one more?  It is fantastic.
My favourite exhibit was probably the evolution of humans on level 1, Dodo is a toss up between the humans & dinosaurs, and Anna’s favourite was the dinosaur exhibit on level 4. The place is packed and there are children everywhere, asking their cute little questions, curious children are so cute. Bring a cardigan, some areas are chilly as hell (ahem, stupid Space & Planet area). Try to eat lunch beforehand or after as well, the cafeteria/cafes are expensive and the food ain’t great.
The American Museum of Natural History was probably one of the things I was most excited to see on this trip and it definitely did not disappoint. It was everything I thought it would be and more, I don’t even think we got to go through 2/3 of it before we left and headed to MOMA, thinking we’d make it before it closed.
Lions! (Taken with Instagram at American Museum of Natural History)
 Taken with Instagram at American Museum of Natural History
So cute! (Taken with Instagram at American Museum of Natural History)
OH. You are so cute.
I am a t-Rex, hear me roar! (Taken with Instagram)
Taken with Instagram
Wise words.
MOMA (included in the New York Pass)
Ahhhhh, what can I say about MOMA that I haven’t said already? We missed it again, for probably the 4th-5th time, I don’t know why this keeps happening. It’s depressing! This is actually getting to the point of being incredibly embarrassing, and I’m contemplating lying on my blog and saying that we went just so I don’t come back to this blog one day, reflect on this, and think of myself as a failure… It was worse this time because we got to the door at 5:25pm, without realising that MOMA closes at 5:30pm. WHY??? The stars have decided that we will never go to MOMA – or it could just be that we are silly and don’t check closing times. :X
TOP OF THE ROCK (included in the New York Pass)
This was meant to be done at night, but we were so sure that the moment we stepped foot into our little studio apartment, it would be all over… no more top of the rock for us! So we very smartly decided to go there at 6pm. The lines were a bit long and we were getting agitated, they make you watch a 12 minute video about the history of Rockefeller, the history of the Christmas tree at Rockafeller… I don’t care. Top of the Rock is a 360 degree view of NYC at the top of the Rockefeller Centre, you hop into an elevator (with an awesome see through roof with lights shining everywhere) and travel up 70 levels and have pretty amazing views of the city. This > Empire State Building, we had a lot of fun up there and took many amazing photos and 1 silly video (which I am trying to upload as I type this, but my EeePC can’t hack it, the dumb thing). My skirt kept flying up, so to the ladies, wear shorts if you’re going to go up there, it’s windy as hell.
New York, I love you! (Taken with Instagram at Top of The Rock Observation Deck)
I love New York.
I finally got to go to Magnolia Bakery!!! I’ve been using their Vanilla cupcake recipe since forever and it’s nice to go to the actual store + every girl has told me to go there. I must report that I did not get a cupcake :X There were so many people, and I hate crowds. Oh, I neglected to mention that today’s weather was 95 degrees Fahrenheit again, it was also humid as hell and we were all sweating and close to passing out, so guess which genius naturally decides to get a HOT MOCHA at Magnolia Bakery? I’ll tell you, it wasn’t Amanda or Anna. The person at the counter specifically asked me “Hot or Cold?” and I paused and said “Hot.”, she stared at me blankly for a while and did a quick shrug and went to prepare my drink… I walked to Doodles & Anna before paying for the drink and Doodles was very quick to go “WHY DO YOU HAVE A HOT MOCHA?”, my response? “I’ve been wondering the same thing for the last 30 seconds.” :/ So out we walked into the sweltering heat, where I drank my hot mocha and tried to justify that it tastes better hot, on a hot day… I know, sense… I do not make. So there, the story of my life. We also managed to find the LOVE sign and took many happy snaps there, I’ve been longing to take a picture since like 2009? So it’s been a bit of a wait.
Taken with Instagram
Taken with Instagram
Stupid people sitting there. Slap you.
We have also been told to eat at Carnegie Deli and get a sandwich as they are HUGE… we we meant to go to the Deli, it was on our way home and maybe about 20 metres from us, but we instead decided to order take out, it was FREE DELIVERY, come on, who can say no to FREE DELIVERY?????? Anyway, Doodles gave them a call and we placed our order, about 15 minutes later, the order came and we paid the guy, tipped him properly and sat down at the table to eat our dinner, we opened the big paper bag and we totally did not get what we ordered – FYI, we ordered a corned beef sandwich I think, we ended up getting a big box of corned beef with potato chips, 2 slices of bread, and 2 pickles… It was apparently an ‘open sandwich’, whatever that is. So there is another lesson to be learnt here: check your bag while the delivery guy is still there! The corned beef was pretty yummy, though the mac & cheese was a bit bland. Now we have to go there and find an actual sandwich. Fail.
Anyway, we’re going to try and get half priced tickets to go see The Phantom of the Opera  tomorrow, CHEERING, YEEEEEEWWWWWWW. It’s my all time favourite broadway show, THE PHANTOMMMMM OF THE OPERA IS THERE, INSIDE MY MIND… THE PHANTOMMNM OF THE OPERAAAAAAAA. *CHEERS* I think we’re going to attempt to go to MOMA again, though I probably shouldn’t have said that, because I am certain that I have now jinxed it and we will not go. We are attempting to conquer Central Park again… Ha Ha, what a joke right? I have no faith in us, we walked the bottom corner of the park and almost passed out… but this time, we have bikes! Should be fun… when we fall off.
Anna managed to upload some of the stupid videos we’ve been shooting, so if anyone wants to have a look at how silly we are and feel good about how un-lame they are…

 We’re pretty lame, I know.

Doodles, girl where you heading at the end of that video???
Ok, everyone is asleep. I am about to face plant into my keyboard… again. Bye. Ciao. I’ll update the blog with some addresses tomorrow, when I’m bothered, or maybe I lie.
Some extra photos from my SLR:
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  1. Phillip Ngo says:

    I think I facepalmed myself so much it can be considered molestation…


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