Day 7: Empire State Building, NBC Tour, NY Library, Bryant Park

I am le tired. I think 5-6 days of excessive walking has finally caught up to me big time, we got home at about 6 and we’ve been lounging around ever since.

We visited another New York icon today – the Empire State Building! We were warned that we could expect 2 hour waits if we went after 11am, we lagged (as usual) and got out of the house at 10, so didn’t get to 5th Avenue until just before 11am. Dodo was lured into a KFC and bought a huge piece of chicken for $3 – it included a bread roll too, Australia, learn from the States, stop over charging us please!!!! I gave in and ended up buying some chilli cheese fries from Nathan’s hot dogs, for some reason the meals aren’t as nice as the Nathan’s store at Coney Island.

We got to the Empire State Building, did the Skyride (Fun! Narrated by Kevin Bacon, who made a joke about the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon), bought post cards, and then headed to the observatory on the 80th floor – The NYC Pass only gives you free entry to the 80th floor, you can add another $17 to go to the 102nd floor I think. It only took us about 15 minutes to get through the line and we were up up and up! We had the option of waiting 20 minutes for the elevators to go up 6 floors, or walk it to the 80th floor, and we opted to walk it. Tick, exercise for the day done! I can see Dodo frowning as she reads this. “Pft, that was exercise? WEAK!” She will think to herself.

Anyway, Empire State Building was cool-ish, it’s something you must do if you go NY I guess. We headed to Macy’s next to have a browse and to look for my DG 2096 sunglasses, they don’t sell them anyway and I am devastated. Macy’s is HUGE, it’s a huge department store the size of Parramatta Westfields. We crossed off most of the levels that we weren’t going to go to (men’s clothing, kids clothing) and then took a stroll around, we weren’t there for long, nothing to see, prices out of our range… though we did eat a large Ben and Jerry’s Icecream and pretzel hot dogs. Dodo has pretty much eaten a hot dog a day, machining.

We then made our way to Bryant Park/New York Public Library, both are gorgeous! I did some post card writing in the park while we bathed in the New York summer sun. We had a reservation for the NBC Studio Tour at 3:30pm so we headed to the Rockefeller Centre to get to that. The tour was so-so, though it was cool going through a working studio since all 3 of us are TV buffs. I LOVED the merchandise (Greendale Community College jumper, I’m talking about you), but they were overpriced and nothing was in my size, I’m also on my first leg of a 6 week trip, so best not to pack too much junk (it’s probably too late for me now).

I’ve made plans to visit the LOVE sign at Rockefeller to take a photo and have abandoned them daily in a exchange for getting to go home earlier, I am a fail traveller. I think we did a sufficient amount though, right? We walked home from Rockefeller and strolled into a nail parlour to get a manicure and pedicure, MY FIRST! It was bizarre, people who know me will know that I really hate people touching my feet, I hate people clipping my nails even more – it’s like watching someone chop off an arm, it is really that bad for me, it IRKS me, but after 6 days of walking, we were all in need of some pampering… I sit here typing with perfectly cut and painted nails 🙂 While I am not a convert, it was pretty nice to be pampered! I then tippy-toed all the way home because I couldn’t be bothered to put my vans on properly. There’s a sight for ya!

We made a nice home cooked dinner because our fridge is filled like no tomorrow, Pasta with bolognase and a salad for those who were wondering. Dodo and I are also drinking wine, Dodo has drunk a copious amount of wine in the last few days, a bottle of Sangria a day! The bottle shop owner even recognises us now and calls us neighbours.

Anyway, I’m going to go and be classy and eat from our cheese and fruit plate while sipping on my Moscato D’Asti – or I might just pass out from exhaustion (this is 10x more likely to be my night).

I still need to watch Suits, oh my…

Our plans tomorrow are a walk at Central Park (FINALLY, YAY, 30 STREET WALK YAYYYYYYYY *DIES*), Guggenheim, Yankees game at the Bronx (if you don’t see another blog post in 24 hours, please call 911 for me, or the Australian Consulate, I love you Mum), and dinner at Sylvias. We were meant to go MOMA today but it was closed, so might try to fit that in too (Ha! Unlikely). American Museum of Natural History on Thursday, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cheeeeeering! Bike ride at Central Park on Friday (yes! get to cruise around in my sexy kicks).

We’ve used $150 out of $180 on our NY Pass with 3 days to go, BAM! In your face NY pass!

Okay. Bye.


Top of the empire state building! (Taken with Instagram)

Empire State Building Views

Inside the New York Public Library

New York Public Library (Taken with Instagram)

Outside the New York Public Library

@ The Empire State Building

Bryant Park & the New York Public Library.

NBC Tour Pass!

Taken with Instagram

Dinner is served

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One thought on “Day 7: Empire State Building, NBC Tour, NY Library, Bryant Park

  1. Phillip Ngo says:

    I really wanted to borrow a book from the NY Public Library whilst riding a broomstick

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