Day 6: Food pron, SEX, wax, and romantic cruises for 3

I am going to keep this so short, and maybe a little sweet. I am so ridiculously tired, I was only meant to blog for 15 minutes and ended up still sitting here after 1am. We did the following today:

  1. Eleven Madison Park – amazeballs, a bit more on this later.
  2. Museum of Sex – so explicit, so good. Such funny gifts in the gift shop.
  3. Madam Tassauds – got conned into going into the scream house and got chased by actors in masks, I was swiftly abandoned by Anna and Amanda who held hands and ran through the attraction. I was by myself doing a long scream, chanting “dear lord dear lord dear lord” and “I hate you! I hate you!” to the actors – they touched my head and blew on my neck!! It was fun though, but omg, I cannot do those horror houses. I threatened to give one of the actors a concussion with my camera. I know, classy girl.
  4. Ripley’s Believe it or not? – the black hole was a spin out, and the laser race looks fun, you do this spy stuff and try to get through a room with lasers everywhere, the quickest time was 21.3 seconds by a little girl called Isabel – she must have flown.
  5. Circle Line sunset cruise – so romantic with Anna and Amanda, I fell asleep in the first 10-15 minutes. It is a nice sunset cruise around New York for about 2 hours, I think it’s less than $40, but it’s included in the New York Pass that we bought.

Eleven Madison Park

I am not very far from face planting my keyboard, I am so tired, but I will quickly talk about EMP. I am also hungry, and blogging about this does not help that, sleep will mask the hunger… that is how much I need to talk about how amazing EMP is. This place is phenomenal, you MUST book it if you come to NYC. It is consistently rated 4-5 stars and is a 3 Michelin star restaurant – my first 3 Michelin star restaurant. Woo. Service is impeccable and food is amazing. The menu just features one ingredient per dish so you have no idea what the actual meal is going to be aside from the main feature ingredientWe had a party of 4 so we just picked everything on the menu and told them to put down the dishes wherever they wanted – this was good, as anyone who knows me can agree that I have major food envy, I always manage to stare at my dinner date’s meal like we are star crossed lovers, this way, it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t get the best thing, it was EMP! We opted for the $74 four course lunch, while that sounds pricey, it is SO worth it. I probably spent about $125 on this lunch (I had 2 glasses of wine), but no regrets :). They have all these little extras before your meal and before your dessert, it is worth it. I really tried to write down what every dish was, but gave up without much of a fight, maybe I’ll flick through the cookbook, come back and write down what everything was, we’ll see, eh? This meal has ruined me forever, this is a common theme for food in NYC!! I don’t know how I can return to Sydney and eat a nice meal without comparing it to EMP… I don’t know how I can eat a cookie without thinking of the oozing chocolate from Levain Bakery. I. Am. Ruined. Anyway, photos are better than my 1am gibberish!

 Eleven Madison Park takes bookings 28 days in advance, do it exactly 27-28 days before you want to go, or it’s unlikely that you’ll get a booking. Get a booking on

Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Ave, NY

My work here is done. Lots of walking tomorrow, I’m scared already. I’m still hungry. I love you New York, don’t let me leave you, I’ll leave the life I have behind for you!!!!!!!!

Edit: it is 1:42am, I was meant to be asleep 2 hours ago. I talk too much, but we all knew that already, nothing new here!


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2 thoughts on “Day 6: Food pron, SEX, wax, and romantic cruises for 3

  1. Belle says:

    The photos from EMP look AMAZING! 😀 I’m flying up to NYC in Dec and am loving all your posts!!

  2. Phillip Ngo says:

    I should have known not to read this before dinner!

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