Day 4: Bulls & Pythons

Everyone except for me got some decent shut eye today, I stupidly chose to stay awake to watch Fairly Legal’s season finale, and now I’m staying awake to blog, if I stop doing it daily, I will stop forever! We woke up at around 9am and had a yummy fruity breakfast again and headed to City Hall to start our days adventures.

Our plans today were: City Hall, St Paul’s Cathedral, Ground Zero, Trinity Church, Battery Park, Statue of Liberty & Century 21.

We saw street performers today! African American street performers! They were so funny and extremely talented. Why are all of them so ridiculous built???!?!? We ended up spending like 25 minutes watching them before going to catch the subway to City Hall. There were also stalls and stuff on one of the avenues on Saturdays, pretty cool!

Lunch was had at the upscale restaurant McDonalds! Doodles and I had a club burger and Anna had a BLT – American burgers taste so much better because of the crispy crispy bacon! Yum yum. It also amused us greatly that there was a piano player at the Broadway McDonalds near Wall Street, I think he gets paid to sit there all day and play the piano!!!! What the hell? How come no one does that at our Maccas? We then headed out and Doodles and I insisted on going into Sephora for 5 minutes, we love that place, I want to marry it and have babies with it.

You need advanced passes to go to the Ground Zero memorial, we didn’t have those, so we just walked there and stared at the seas of people around and then walked back out and headed to Trinity Church, the Bull on wall street and then Battery Park. We made a decision to take a picture with the bull’s balls since there were too many people at the front, we ended up getting a rare picture of the 3 of us. As we made our way to Battery Park to catch the ferry, we saw two guys with huge snakes, Dodo was game enough to put it around her shoulder ($5 for the small python, $10 for the big one!), and it was pretty hilarious.

We abandoned our initial plans of visiting the Statue of Liberty (well, not abandoned, we moved it until tomorrow), and instead chose to catch the FREE FERRY to Staten Island. They have ferries coming every 25-30minutes and there are so many people that jump on it, the ferry is a fantastic way to see New York, you go past the Statue of Liberty too!

We went to Staten Island for about an hour, and just laid around in the sun by the water and watched the ferries and chatted. We spotted a lonely little duck in the water and Dodo had one of her amazing quotes

dodo: look, the duck is following us!
kk: i’m pretty sure we’re following the duck.
dodo: well, we’re beating it!
kk: wow. really? did you just try to compete with a duck?!!?

Omg, so many funny quotes from Dodo, I should have written them all down and had a quote of the day. She says something ridiculously funny EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Anyway, we headed back to Manhattan and made our way to Century 21, the famed discount department store for brands galore – let me say this, it sucks. It sucks so so bad. It sucks sucks sucks. There’s about 4-5 levels and it’s so packed and things are not particularly pretty, maybe it’s good for getting mum and dad souvenirs? I am definitely never going there again, sticking to the outlets!

We all headed to SoHo AGAIN (you’d think we’d have learnt our lesson the first time and not take Dodo there again!!!) to find Dodo’s shoes, she lead us to the wrong shop and we walked all the way down Broadway for no reason (CURSE YOU DODO! CURSE YOU!) and then back the other way and ended up finding her shoes! We both bought another pair of shoes at Steve Madden and then proceeded to head home – it was 9pm or something, we had walked for 9 hours. We got back to the area after a long friggen walk, seriously, 8th ave – 9th ave is painnnnnnnnnnnn… the bottle shop is open until 11.45pm on Saturdays and Doodles flew in when she saw that it was still open, I really thought she’d lift off the ground and fly, she ran straight for the Sangria and she’s drinking it this very moment – it was $6!! My feet are so tired and my calves are so toned now -_-.

We were meant to hit the bars/clubs tonight but also swiftly abandoned those plans upon getting home, everyone was so tired and our feet hurt. I don’t think I would have been able to squeeze into a pair of heels. Anna and Dodo haven’t even had dinner, I made a pretty mean fried rice and ate that. I am proud that I can feed myself.

Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Museum and Buddakan NYC for dinner tomorrow. YAY. Hmm… we still haven’t gone to Central Park, shame. We’ve seen it from a distance 🙂

Anyway,  I think I’ve written an essay today! Goodnight, world.


We love NYC lolol look at their expressions (Taken with Instagram)

Two happy people in Maccas

Bull balls on wall street  (Taken with Instagram)

I’m going to be rich!!

Street performers! (Taken with Instagram)

Street performers … built street performers.

Taken with Instagram

Doodles with the $10 python!!!!!!! So heavy! So brave!

Taken with Instagram

Staten Island! Look at Doodles posing!

NYC subway rides! (Taken with Instagram)

NYC Subway rides

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