Day 3 Part 2: Woodbury Common Premium Outlets & Jet Lag

Okay, dilemma, I have about 1/5 bottle of my Moscato D’Asti left, I’m bloated as hell, and I don’t know if I should drink it… and then go shower… or shower and then drink it??? First world problems eh?

Dodo is in the process of finishing a whole bottle of red to herself and she keeps almost flashing me when running around the apartment, I think it’s going to turn into a definite flash soon, and I’m going to be scarred… so very scarred.

Our disco lights are on, and Dodo is surprisingly not dancing. Anna is watching soccer and I am making hard decisions in life about whether to shower or drink first while blogging.

Jet lags, late night snacks and breakfast

Someone other than me finally made a post! Hurrah! Hallelujah! Dodo spent a nice 15 minutes wondering what she spelt wrong (good work, Savi! Cheesy and site FTW). I cannot believe jet lag has affected us this badly, ridiculous! Passing out at 7:30pm is such a bad idea, I woke up at 11:30pm, forced myself back to sleep, and then woke up at 2am and got conned by Do into eating a whole load of Cheetos. No regrets. No regrets. I fell asleep again at 4am and she didn’t sleep until 5am or something, I think Anna passed out somewhere between while watching soccer. We woke up and made breakfast… HAHA well… Dodo made breakfast, we had fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, yoghurt and granola… so cheap, it probably cost less than $5 to feed all 3 of us today for lunch. Winning, yes?

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Onto more interesting things… We went to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets today and shopped our little hearts again! Anna and I were pretty concerned about setting the Dodo into that environment again, but she did okay today. Our vans were such a lifesaver, never walk around the states in flats with no cushy soles, I’m sure no one is as stupid/shallow as we are, but we learnt our lesson very quickly. We took the bus from Times Square Port Authority Bus Terminal and it took around 45minutes to get there. We had lunch first because Dodo was starving, she also didn’t trust me to suggest lunch since I tend to keep forgetting about lunch! We had huge pizzas that were delicious and the size of our faces haha.

We did most of our shopping in Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, and American Apparel. Doodles saw an amazing Prada wallet for $320 that I’m sure she’s still thinking of at this very moment, I swear I saw drool dripping from her mouth when we were there.

The Nike Win

After walking around the entire Woodbury Common Outlets, I was ready to curl up into a ball and… well…. bawl. My feet were so sore even though I was in comfy shoes, I need to exercise more :S Anna and I were dying pretty badly. Our last stop was Nike and we had our biggest win yet. All of us bought a pair of shoes and we had a coupon for $25 off $150, our shoes added up to something close to the $200+ range and the guy forgot to scan the most expensive pair of shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all looked at each other, paid and promptly walked out of the store and power walked to our bus. WINNING, right?!?!?! That was definitely a high light of the day, when somebody else’s incompetence pays off! Unless he just hates his job/nike and gave us the most expensive pair of shoes for free on purpose. I guess we will never find out!

Dinner & Drinks on a New York rooftop

We had our first experience with New York chinese take out from Mee Noodleshop. They really come in those chinese takeout boxes and paper bags, it was awesome, delicious and so very cheap. $24 for a huge meal – chow fun, mushu pork, and dim sum with rice! Woot. We have bottle shop downstairs so we took advantage of that and quickly ran downstairs to buy a few bottles of wine. When we got downstairs, a bunch of teens were in there wreaking havoc, apparently they had been there for 30 minutes and were underage and trying to bribe the store owner into selling them alcohol, there were about 10 of them and Dodo promptly urged us to get the hell out of there after buying our wine. ALCOHOL IS SO FRIGGEN CHEAP HERE?!?! $17 for a 1L bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, somebody needs to tell these Americans they don’t know how to make a profit. We proceeded to run up to the rooftop for drinks and take lots of photos. New York from a rooftop is pretty damn amazing.

Tomorrow’s plans

I think we’re hitting up City Hall, St Paul’s Cathedral, Wall Street (YES I GET TO GRAB THE BULL’S BALLS!), Century 21… and taking some photos of the Statue of Liberty.

Bits & Pieces

  1. AT&T sell prepaid sim cards called a “go card” for $25 a month with 250 minutes of calls and unlimited national texts. Only go to the official AT&T branches. We went to an “authorised retailer” (*COUGH* bullshit) and they tried to sell it to us for $25 + $30 for the sim… that’s ridiculous. WHY DID YOU TRY TO CON US?
  2. As I mentioned, Americans don’t like $100 bills, go to exchange them at a bank for $50 bills. Banks generally do about $300 per person, but they might bend the rules.
  3. Wear vans/comfy walking shoes with nice cushy soles. Always. Don’t wear pretty little flats, your feet will hate you and you don’t want your feet to hate you. We made the crazy mistake of wearing FLAT sandals yesterday, your feet get super tired and you end up wanting to cry by the end of the day. I cannot stress this more, comfy shoes or sandals with soles if you’re going to walk heaps! I don’t know, maybe I’m just weak!!??!
  4. Try not to nap at 7:30pm and turn it into a full blown 6 hour sleep… you will hate yourself when you wake up at 3am. Jet lag blows.
  5. Songs repeat A LOT on these radios, we listen to the same shit over and over!
  6. I have no sense of direction. 9/10 times I will say go right and Anna will say go left, and we were meant to go left. Thank god no ones listens to me!!!!!!!

Anyway. I’m going to go shower. I don’t think I can finish this bottle of wine. Weak, I know, I’ve let myself down too. Here… have some photos!

via PhotoToaster, using these settings.

New York new York!!! (Taken with Instagram)
Times Square
Late night blogging with some Moscato D’Asti (Taken with Instagram at 10th Avenue)
Drinking & Blogging
New nails!! via PhotoToaster, using these settings.
Huge pizzas (Taken with Instagram at Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets)
 via PhotoToaster, using these settings.
New York night sky on the roof top
via PhotoToaster, using these settings.
Anna trying and successfully opening my bottle of wine for me, I’m so useless. WHY?!
via PhotoToaster, using these settings.


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