Day Three: Jet Lag and Cheesy Flavoured Cheetos…

Good morning world!

After our epic day of 7 hours of clothes/make-up shopping, burning a hole in my travel budget, going grocery shopping and having lunch/dinner around 7pm…I think it suffices to say that today was a great shopping adventure : )

However, upon returning from grocery shopping, putting away my new belongings and eating – we knocked out way too early (7:30pm) and am now wide awake at 4:36am, blogging for the first time…

We somehow all woke up around 2am and decided it was a great time to open the bag of Cheesy Cheetos. Anna refrained herself whilst Karen and I stuffed our faces with chips, giant strawberries and cherries. American fruits are so cheap and have an amazing taste! Well, the fruit stand in front of D’Agostino does anyway…

So far, this trip has been quite surreal and interesting. I never realised how friendly New Yorkers are compared to our Sydney peeps – it’s quite refreshing to see and makes me happy : ) I met people on my flight from Dallas to NYC who shared their love of solitaire where the man from Long Island swapped his game via his MP3 player with the eccentric old lady from Cali; who in exchange, shared her chunky/confusing version of solitaire with him. She also sang “New Yoork New Yorrrk!” as we landed, which I loved because it’s exactly what I felt like doing! Anna and Karen on the other hand, think I’m crazy lol

After our stroll into Time Square, we ran onto the rooftop to see the view and boy was it a beautiful sight to see! This city has such history to it and makes me feel like I’m constantly in a movie scene – whether it be a Humphrey Bogart film noir (this occurs the most), walking the streets of Sex and the City where I may bump into Carrie yelling for a yellow cab or dancing my way to Centre Stage. I love it!

We also have a shiny disco ball which makes me want to constantly sing and dance, regardless of Karen’s dismay and Anna’s silent second-hand embarrassment. I love it and don’t care, they love me either way : )

I’d say more about our trip but feel pretty confident Karen already covered it in her previous blog updates.

So I’m logging off now, I need to rest before we have breakfast on the roof and burn more holes in our wallets at the Woodbury outlet!

Here are some of the images I feel are worth sharing.

Buenas Noches!! From the one KK calls Dodo xx


Our apartment perfectly captures the beauty of each famous building/statue in NYC – vintage feel ❤

Shiny Disco Ball!!!


The bright lights of Time Square


The city that never sleeps… (this was foot traffic around 1am)


My film noir moment 🙂


Our rooftop view from our apartment in mid-town Manhatten –> It feels like Batman may appear…


Love that this is placed in front of the sink in our apartment!

And finally, my Cheesy Cheetos moment – Best Cheetos ever!


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