Day 2: sore feet in SoHo

Our feet are so sore. I do not know what compelled all 3 of us to think that wearing sandals was a good idea when we went to shop for 7 hours. I do not know.

FYI Anna is currently assisting Amanda in tying her shoe laces. HAHA. Child was not taught properly.

SoHo is absolutely amazing, everyone who told me it was amazing for shopping did not lie!! We took a while to find it though, we were on West Broadway when we were meant to be on Broadway… we probably took about 1.5 hours before getting onto Broadway. We stumbled around in some weird area until we walked past a fire station, made Dodo bat her eyelashes and ask a fireman how to get to SoHo shopping, he was very very helpful and told us that it was about 5 blocks away.

We were such smarty-pants, we did not get a map or anything of NYC so we just strolled around aimlessly. Note to self: go to the Times Square visitor centre and get lots of things. Also, Amanda went bloody nuts shopping, we’ve created a monster.

MAC lipsticks are el cheapo here, $15.60!!!!!! They are so so so expensive in Sydney. Dodo and I bought about $350 worth of products from Sephora, oh my, Sephora, love of my life, light of my life… I bought another Naked Palette (could. not. resist.), a bunch of Urban Decay products and OPI nail polishes!! I ended up spending about $220 there :X All of us walked away happily with vans too! Good bye to sore feet!

Finally bought sim cards too! We had to buy a $20 phone for it to work… we spent about 1 hour in the AT&T store trying to figure out what to do since all of ours were locked. Pathetic! Thank god my 3GS works, we need internet on a phone with maps!

OH the most stupid thing happened today, we passed out at around 2am last night and woke up at 6:50am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The conversation at dinner last night went something like this:

Anna: so guys, what time should we wake up tomorrow?

Karen: 8:30am??


Karen: OKAY. 9am then!

Okay, anyway, we haven’t had lunch and we’re all going to limp across the road to buy groceries now. We haven’t done much aside from shop and I don’t think anyone wants to read a detailed list of what 3 girls bought.

I will finish this off with a few things I’ve found out on the first days of this trip:

  1. Americans don’t like taking $100 bills, I did not know that.
  2. Amanda Do doesn’t know how to tie shoe laces
  3. Micky D’s makes a mean Mixed Berry smoothie
  4. Amanda Do turns on the disco lights every morning, afternoon and night… blasts music, and dances like a queen.
  5. Americans are so incredibly friendly and helpful! Especially Marshall from AT&T who we are going to give a 10/10 rating for via SMS for selling us our prepaid sim cards and listening to us babble for 1 hour.
  6. Everyone thinks we are British and people on the street keep saying hello to us?!?!?!
P.S. We are going Woodbury something outlet tomorrow, our wallets are going to die! :X

Day 2 shopping damage between 2 girls (Taken with Instagram at 10th Avenue)

The Damage… and an unconscious snoopy in the background

Love loveeeee via PhotoToaster, using these settings.

Our amazing apartment

Apartment via PhotoToaster, using these settings.

….Still amazing

Free condoms from Steve madden!!! Haha (Taken with Instagram)

 Free condoms from the Steve Madden store.. GUESS WHO’S GETTING LUCKY TONIGHT!?!?!?!

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