Day 1: A summary of a journey

I lied. This is probably not going to be a summary. I finally have access to wifi.. While I’m on an American Airlines plane flying from Dallas to New York! It cost me $8, but I think it’s worth it, that $8 will be the difference between me going mad and staying sane.

Let me start off with saying that we did NOT get to sit together on the flight from SYD-DFW, a 15 hour flight!! Stupid qantas, I hate you!! I will fly Virgin Australia forever from this moment on, $200 price difference and all!! Oh!! And now on this flight we are split up again!!

The flight was nasty – the longest I’ve ever been on, I started avoiding looking at the count down because it was just plain depressing. I ended up watching Big Miracle and Forrest Gump! I know, finallyyyyy… And I loved them both! I also read the Steve jobs book for a while, I am determined to finish it on this trip, it’s so good!

I ate an extremely tasty vanilla rice pudding with fig and honey, a delicious flapjack (never had one!!), icecream… And other delightful snacks… So qantas didn’t completely fail… I guess.

We finally arrived at DFW at around 1:40pm! Had to go through customs and we were still in line at 2:50pm… Our plane was boarding at 2:40pm! They let us through first and we had to transfer our luggage and change terminals and sign the customs form… It was a huge nuisance. Seriously America, why do you need to make people do so many things and go through immigration when you’re travelling between states??!? IT WAS A CONNECTING FLIGHT!!! We made a mad dash to terminal C… Found out our plane was delayed by 50 minute (it ended up being delayed for like 1 hr 15 min)… And MADE IT! Thank you American airlines for your tardiness! So here I am… On the plane…. With a man invading my personal space occasionally with his arm on my side of the chair… And his legs in my area….

/end rant.

So, I’m kinda excited to see times square tonight! I cannot wait for a shower!! We’re going soho tomorrow and Woodbury common outlets the day after and I think I need more money :X

Oh. Anna’s thong also broke at DFW!


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