Waiting at home for my chauffeur

40 minutes to go! I cannot believe this has gone by so quickly, from telling work I intended to go to the States in 2012 back in March 2011, to buying tickets in October 2011, to flying in 4 hours!

Not looking forward to the 21 hour though (incl 1.5 hour connecting flight at DFW) – not looking forward to it at all! I’m like one of the most restless people ever, I am really agitated after a 9 hr flight to Hong Kong, HOW WILL I SURVIVE THIS? I’ve resorted to reading articles at 1am titled ‘how to sleep on the plane properly’, ‘how to survive a long haul flight for the easy bored’.

I’ve loaded a plethora of books and tv shows to keep myself entertained for 10 hours, I’m sure I will be sleeping for 6 hours and chatting to the girls for another 3.5 hours… but bffs get sick of each other too on long-haul flights. I loaded the Steve Jobs biography onto my kindle, a few James Patterson novels, Janet Evanovich, George R. Martin… HA Songs of Fire and Ice… those fat books will probably last me the entire plane ride if my eyes don’t start bleeding words first. I sat there for 1 hour a couple of nights ago and wasn’t even through 1% of the book, a quick google search tells me that the book is 800 pages, I think the first book is the SMALL book too… 800 pages… it will take me approx 10-12 hours. I think that is my goal now, to finish GoT in one sitting 😀

I’ve been asked a few times what I’m most excited about, and I’ve always said Eleven Madison Park, without any hesitation or thought. I think next would be the American Museum of Natural History, then shopping!!!!!!! SEPHORA!!!!!!!!


40 min till I leave!!! (Taken with Instagram)


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