Eleven Madison Park BOOKED!

I am pleased to announce that I have booked Eleven Madison Park for a 12:15pm sitting on the 18th June 2012. YAY! I needed to book 28 days in advance, I even set a reminder on my iPhone (FYI, it didn’t remind me, I felt like I needed to do something ALL DAY until that little light bulb in my head turned on). Booking amazing restaurants is serious business, yo!

I am tremendously excited, and after you look at their website and their saliva-inducing photos, I dare you not to be!




Donuts 4 dinner is pretty damn amazing, I’ve begun to plan my entire NYC culinary adventures from her blog. 🙂

You jelly?


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2 thoughts on “Eleven Madison Park BOOKED!

  1. Phillip Ngo says:

    I’m not jelly, not at all 😦

  2. I got a ping back on my EMP post and was so flattered to see this post! “Booking amazing restaurants is serious business, yo!” is the understatement of the year. Congratulations on your reservation, and I’ll look forward to reading your review!

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