Excitement + dineLA Restaurant Week

Our trip has quietly snuck up on us, it’s gone from a 1-2 year plan to something that is actually happening in about 1 month! I am so excited, I can barely contain myself, it’s like I’m having an out of body experience and I’m watching myself watch myself as I type… THAT’S HOW EXCITED I AM!

I do have to wage my final battle with the ICAA a day before we leave – curse you, EBA, curse you! I refuse to repeat this, so I have to study hard before I leave D:

OH. Exciting news, I was so disappointed when I realised we would miss NYC Restaurant Week for 2012, Katie has informed me that it is incredibe value for money and all around aaahhhhmazing… Imagine how I reacted when I realised that dineLA’s restaurant week was on July 16 – July 27 2012. HEY! ANNA AND I ARE IN Los Angeles July 16 – July 26 2012 – IT’S FATE. I am going to blow so much money on food…. mmm…. The Bazaar, Mr Chows… Here I come!

Since I am so incredibly fond of lists, and this can be a sweet reminder of how disorganised I was prior to this trip, I have decided to compile yet ANOTHER list of things I need to do D:

  1. Call Travel Insurance Direct and fix my travel insurance (I am covered until the 26th July 2012, when in fact I return on the 28th July 2012, I am so bright.)
  2. Badger Dodo about getting her passport done. 😀 ilu dodo.
  3. Book 11 Madison Park through opentable.com
  4. Book a plethora of restaurants for dineLA restaurant week.
  5. Book Niagara Falls tour
  6. Book Grand Canyon tour
  7. Buy NYC travel pass
  8. Buy LA travel pass
  9. Look at car rentals???
  10. Oh dear… this list is beginning to scare me….


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