… I have not made.

I have yet to call Travel Insurance Direct to sort out the 2 days I am not covered for, soon, I will do it soon!

Doodles, on the hand, has made some progress! She called Qantas yesterday and finally fixed her flights. I then cancelled her Comic-Con tickets :X Pain oh pain, oh mighty pain.

We also need to book our Green Tortoise accommodation for San Francisco, must email today.

Anna has also brought to my attention what a ridiculous proposition my drinking game is. She laughed as she shook her head “You? Tequila? Karen, let’s be real here, one shot and it’s all over for you.” I am very sad to say that she does speak the truth, I cannot handle shots to save my life, to save my entire family’s life, to save the world… It has something to do with my inability to scull shots, I just can’t throw it down smoothly, it sits in my mouth while it starts to burn and then it is indeed all over, and I am spending quality time with a sink, or a gutter, or a floor. I know, I know, I am all class. 😀

This may pose to be a problem when we hit bars in the states, I’ve been told that drinks are el cheapo and large! We also need to build Anna’s tolerance, last night was a good baby step in the right direction! Winning.


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