78 days!

So the daily count down begins, I even have an app for it on my phone and all, I mean serious business!

Also, I’ve crossed one thing off on my to-do list. I am officially authorised to enter the United States of America. Cheering. Baby steps!

We are currently debating whether or not we should take a 2 day trip to the Niagara Falls, that’s where Wonderfalls is set! And at $216 for 3 people, it’s a steal! We’d be crazy bananas not to go, right? That also includes 1 night at the Holiday Inn, someone needs to tell them they don’t know how to make money :/

Hmm. I feel like this blog will be made up of a string of truncated sentences that are meant to be my thoughts, which actually reflects exactly how my brain works. And if you talk to me enough, it’s also exactly how our conversations go… jump jump jump!


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