85 days!

So there’s only 85 days left! Woooooo.

A few things we NEED to get sorted:

  1. Our ESTA forms (Dodo and I have to do it, at least)
  2. Booking domestic flights + buses + trains (I.e. New York – Miami, Miami – San Diego, Orlando – San Francisco, San Francisco – Las Vegas, Vegas – San Diego, San Diego – LA)
  3. I need to buy a new luggage?
  4. I need to fix my travel insurance, I am covered for 2 days less than I am supposed to – and my stupid camera adds so much cost 😦 BUT PRETTY PHOTOS. WIN?
  5. Finalising itinerary, though this can probably wait 60 days!
  6. Figure out what I’m wearing to COMIC-CON! I’m thinking Katniss Everdeen? Too common? Probably.

I cannot wait to eat my heart out in the States! My heart is already set on Eleven Madison Park, which I will be booking the moment I can 😀 Gramercy Tavern sounds good too, so does Mr Chow, and Sylvia’s. I’m going to return to Sydney as a big fat blob. Woot.

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