… after 6 months of waiting and panicking about not being able to get Comic-Con 2012 badges, WE HAVE 3 SHINY 4 DAY PASSES FOR COMIC-CON JULY 12-15 2012. BOOYA.

While it certainly wasn’t fun staying up until 3am in the morning and frantically hitting F5 every 2 seconds starting from 2:55am, it was so worth it. I was queued a lovely #2508 and Anna was queued at #3000, Dodo doesn’t have the internet, so as usual, sat this one out – we could have totally not bought her a badge and watched her cry salty tears. It took 15 minutes for me to buy 3 badges, which is a big relief, since we were told it could be a 3-4 hour wait (and I am not a happy kid when I sleep at 7am!). From what I’ve heard, badges sold out in just under 90 minutes, that beats 2011 – which sold out in 2 hours.

So we have officially scrapped our plans to camp out at San Diego Convention Centre and cry.

No words can express the amount of joy this brings to my cold little heart.

…. Now, to think of a costume!

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