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Drinking game

I’ve just thought of a mighty fine idea. Right before our trip, we should re-read this blog and every post I make that mentions losing Dodo or abandoning her (shipping her off to India/Africa), we should take a tequila shot. After the trip, every post that talks about actually losing her, we should take a double tequila shot!

Genius, I am.


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… Don’t they say that little things amuse little minds? :/

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$20 Sandwich


Something that must be tried when we hit Vegas.

There is a fine line between bribing and tipping, no? :/

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Red white blues in the sky, summer’s in the air and baby heaven’s in your eyes.

Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Red white blues in the sky

78 days!

So the daily count down begins, I even have an app for it on my phone and all, I mean serious business!

Also, I’ve crossed one thing off on my to-do list. I am officially authorised to enter the United States of America. Cheering. Baby steps!

We are currently debating whether or not we should take a 2 day trip to the Niagara Falls, that’s where Wonderfalls is set! And at $216 for 3 people, it’s a steal! We’d be crazy bananas not to go, right? That also includes 1 night at the Holiday Inn, someone needs to tell them they don’t know how to make money :/

Hmm. I feel like this blog will be made up of a string of truncated sentences that are meant to be my thoughts, which actually reflects exactly how my brain works. And if you talk to me enough, it’s also exactly how our conversations go… jump jump jump!


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Speed bumps

We have hit a lovely speed bump, one of our fellow travelers cannot attend the entire 6 weeks of the trip anymore, she gets 2 weeks :*(

Boo! Our weekend is therefore spent frantically re-organising flights and accommodation. Fun times.

Also, some fun times for her wallet.

How is it possible that I still have not accomplished anything on my ‘to-do’ list?


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85 days!

So there’s only 85 days left! Woooooo.

A few things we NEED to get sorted:

  1. Our ESTA forms (Dodo and I have to do it, at least)
  2. Booking domestic flights + buses + trains (I.e. New York – Miami, Miami – San Diego, Orlando – San Francisco, San Francisco – Las Vegas, Vegas – San Diego, San Diego – LA)
  3. I need to buy a new luggage?
  4. I need to fix my travel insurance, I am covered for 2 days less than I am supposed to – and my stupid camera adds so much cost 😦 BUT PRETTY PHOTOS. WIN?
  5. Finalising itinerary, though this can probably wait 60 days!
  6. Figure out what I’m wearing to COMIC-CON! I’m thinking Katniss Everdeen? Too common? Probably.

I cannot wait to eat my heart out in the States! My heart is already set on Eleven Madison Park, which I will be booking the moment I can 😀 Gramercy Tavern sounds good too, so does Mr Chow, and Sylvia’s. I’m going to return to Sydney as a big fat blob. Woot.

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… after 6 months of waiting and panicking about not being able to get Comic-Con 2012 badges, WE HAVE 3 SHINY 4 DAY PASSES FOR COMIC-CON JULY 12-15 2012. BOOYA.

While it certainly wasn’t fun staying up until 3am in the morning and frantically hitting F5 every 2 seconds starting from 2:55am, it was so worth it. I was queued a lovely #2508 and Anna was queued at #3000, Dodo doesn’t have the internet, so as usual, sat this one out – we could have totally not bought her a badge and watched her cry salty tears. It took 15 minutes for me to buy 3 badges, which is a big relief, since we were told it could be a 3-4 hour wait (and I am not a happy kid when I sleep at 7am!). From what I’ve heard, badges sold out in just under 90 minutes, that beats 2011 – which sold out in 2 hours.

So we have officially scrapped our plans to camp out at San Diego Convention Centre and cry.

No words can express the amount of joy this brings to my cold little heart.

…. Now, to think of a costume!

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First words

Off to the USA! is going to be the nice home of our travel blog to the States. When I say “our”, I mean Anna, Dodo and me. When I say “Anna, Dodo and me”… I just mean me.

If history serves as a good indication of who will be posting a ridiculous amount of nonsense and anecotes, Anna will not post. Though Dodo may surprise me. One can only hope.

Our schedule is also almost done, I spent so much time on it in the beginning and Anna has taken over now 🙂 Dodo will just be surprised at where we go, she has no clue. We could be shipping her off to India for all she knows. We’ve booked our international flights (which have been changed twice – thank you, Qantas), and booked our accomodation!

This blog came about because the Japan blog was such a good way for us to remember what we actually did, I know I will be spending way too much time on planes and trains, so what better way to kill time than tell some stories? We all know I like to talk 🙂 Looking back at the Japan blog post, I have a few goals that I have set for myself:

  1. I solemnly swear that I will not use the ‘F’ word that often in my posts. I just had a look at my Japan blog posts and I swore so much (too much!). Must. Resist.

Hey, I lied, I only have one goal – an achievable goal, if I do say so myself.

COMIC-CON TICKETS GO ON SALE SOON. If we don’t manage to buy them, 4 days out of our schedule in July 2012 will be blocked out as “WAILING AND CRYING IN FRONT OF SAN DIEGO CONVENTION CENTRE”.



2. I must try to blog every single day of the trip, meh, I think this is achievable, I am far too attached to a computer, even with no internet connection, I will save something in Word. Addictions. :/

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